The Women's Red risks FIFA's heavy penalty after cartel in support of Chile | sports


It was a gesture of support for the social demands requested in Chile, but it can have consequences. The Chilean Women's National Team fell to Australia in a new friendly duel, but after the game a sign they showed was noticed.

"Chile's democracy, torture, violates, mutilates and kills its citizens. Outside Pinera", indicated the sign that the selected ones showed, who were photographed with the fans who were in the place. Such an act could have harsh consequences against the ANFP.

This because, as revealed by the portal AS Chile, Y under the words of Sebastian Moreno, president of the ANFP, FIFA has strictly prohibited the display of messages with political or other slogans: "promotion or promotion is strictly prohibited announcement by any means of political or religious messages or any other political or religious act in the stadium or its surroundings before, during and after the games, "they say in FIFA.

"The display of that message came after the game, was provided by an assistant to the stadium to one of our players and she chose to show it. There is no concerted or agreed action here for all the members of the women's team nor is it a message from the team, "said Sebastian Moreno.

The Chilean soccer boss added that: "The Chilean Football Federation is governed by the FIFA Statute which prohibits political and religious manifestations in their sporting events. It is not about being insensitive or restricting freedoms. It's about there being a FIFA rule that we must not violate".

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