The WoW hype on Twitch is over


Although fewer people are looking for WoW content on Twitch.TV, Streamer Asmongold remains in 1st place, with livestreams for World of Warcraft.

What's up with TwitchTV? In recent weeks, a couple of streamer greats have gone away from Twitch and have been streaming on other platforms since. A large staged departure Ninja down, later went also Shroud and Courage.

Viewers on TwitchTV hanging on these channels now either follow the streamers to other platforms or look for other channels on Twitch they follow. It seems that the WoW streamer Asmongold profited greatly from it. As a single streamer, he was the longest watched in October 2019. Shortly behind the Fortnite streamer Tfue.

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WoW streamer Asmongold

How strong was it for Asmongold? As Dexerto reports, October was really good for Asmongold. He was the only streamer who could break the 6 million mark at the "watched hours". In doing so one refers to analyzes of the website SullyGnome and StreamElements.

Just behind you can find the Fortnite Streamer Tfue. Then gaules, xQcOW, Summit1g, NICKMERCS.

Top Streamer Twitch October 2019
So many hours were watched on the channels of the livestreamers

What is special? With the release of WoW Classic towards the end of August, a huge hype broke out on TwitchTV. Many wanted to watch their favorite streamer dive into the nostalgic World of Warcraft and entertain there. At times, the WoW category on the streaming platform had more than 1.1 million viewers and Asmongold was the king.

In the following month of September, Asmongold continued to secure the top ranking of the most watched streamer. In second place was Tfue. Another WoW streamer, Sodapoppin, found himself in third place.

WoW Classic twists Twitch confused – These are the 8 top streamers currently

That Asmongold was so successful in October is special, because the category World of Warcraft on Twitch has meanwhile dropped a lot. According to SullyGnome, the hours watched fell by 60% from September to October.

Now it remains to be seen how long Asmongold can hold his top spot. He seems to have loyal viewers who want to continue watching WoW with him.

Top 10 games on TwitchTV October 2019

A strong increase was received League of Legends, where currently the World Championships are running. On Sunday, 10th of November, the final match will take place. If G2 Esports wins the LoL World Cup, that's going to be legendary.

Fortnite has also won many viewers. They launched the second chapter of Fortnite in October: Battle Royale with a big bang.

An insight into the life of a streamer and what prices this demands, gives DansGaming:

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