Theft series in the Kufstein district clarified: Information about stolen goods requested


Ebbs – After a hint in the night on Sunday, the police in the Tyrolean Unterland could clear up a series of thefts and arrest a suspect. Another is still on the run.

This jacket could not assign the police.

This jacket could not assign the police.

– Police

It was around 3:45 am when an Ebbs rendezvous spotted two men slipping flashlights on a property. He alerted the police, which was able to arrest a 16-year-old Austrian youth shortly before 4 o'clock in the case of an immediately initiated search. During his interrogation, the boy confessed, together with a 25-year-old Russian citizen, four or five unauthorized passenger cars in the municipality of Ebbs searched and partially captured objects and cash at low altitude.

The teenager was provided with a jacket and a knife (see photos). Since these items could not be assigned, the police requested information (Tel. 059133/7210). The 16-year-old is released by order of the prosecutor Innsbruck on the loose. The 25-year-old by name known Russian second accused is still fleeting. (

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