"There are so many things I can talk about hours"


Tomorrow night very special match for Kawhi Leonard since the Clippers are receiving the Toronto Raptors, reunions for the final MVP of the finals.

"It's going to be fun to see guys. Just to congratulate them, to be able to shake their hands and face them. Kawhi

A short but intense career in Canada that marked his career and left him with indelible memories.

"Guys, the course. Also the country. The city was amazing. And there is so much, I can still talk about hours. Kawhi

Leonard said he was "surprised" by the number of Canadians he met in California, thanking him for helping bring the first title to Canada.

"It's not like he's gone in bad terms. He left a good situation, it's not as if he had left a horrible situation. And let's be honest, in our league in general it's the opposite. He was fortunate enough to leave by being happy. Has it already happened? If so, it's rare. »Doc Rivers

Transferred by the Spurs to Canada, some even thought he would not even want to play it, but in the end all went well and there was even a big uncertainty about his departure this summer.

I have never been there with a negative state of mind. I played with Cory Joseph in San Antonio, the fact that he was from Toronto, I knew in a way how was the city. I have always had a positive attitude about this trade and the front office. I knew it was great with Masai (Ujiri). So it was never negative, I had an open mind. Kawhi


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