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With drama the last day of the MX League well, the tie between Cougars Y Juarez Leave Rayados, Xolos, Pachuca, Chivas, Atlas and Cruz Azul alive, to a greater or lesser extent, the latter, as long as they manage to get at least one point this Sunday afternoon in Torreon.

The match began with arrivals of the two teams and from the initial minutes there was controversy over an alleged hand of Pumas that should have been marked as a penalty for Juarez. There was no peace in the arch of Alfredo Saldivar and Diego Rolan He let an incredible go.

Strike one! Diego Rolan fails incredibly

But Pumas also frequently came to the arc that he would eventually become a figure, Ivan Vazquez Mellado. On a couple of occasions he forgave, one of those approaches even ended with a ball in the post.

What a way to forgive! Cougars miss two very clear

The insistence of the locals paid off at 32 ', with a goal of Carlos Gonzalez that took advantage of a great head assistance by Felipe Mora. It seemed, in addition, that the Paraguayan would achieve a double, but the stick prevented it.

What a way to forgive! Cougars miss two very clear

The domain of the auriazules was overwhelming, the '32' of the premises was turned into a real demon and the border defense could not contain it. The opportunities to increase the advantage came in clusters and the clearest of all, ended in nightmare.

Carlos Gonzalez went hand in hand with the goalkeeper, decided to cut to the nearest mark to accommodate his profile and Vazquez Mellado, trying to cut the play with his leg knocked down 'Cocoliso', who in the fall injured his collarbone and had to Get out of change. To make matters worse, Ignacio Malcorra the criminal failed.

From Villain to hero! Vazquez Mellado stops Malcorra penalty

A couple of minutes passed and Jose Esquivel marked 'the one of life', tying the encounter with an impossible right to contain. Cougars no longer knew how to respond. Michael He sent all the offensive power he had available but Gonzalez's absence was notorious. Still, at 92 ', Martin Barragan He found himself alone in the area and headed a good center but put the ball on the crossbar.

Jose Esquivel shakes C.U. with a real GO-LA-ZO

At 93 ', one more post, a rejected ball fell halfway to Malcorra, took the shot and the ball hit the metal. The shout of goal stayed in the throat of the Auriazul fans.

No one can believe the end of howling in University City!

Pumas climbed a position, now it is tenth with 23 units. The last two classified will be defined on the last day, after the FIFA Date. Monarcas is enough a tie in the corrector and Rayados, the eighth, has the pass in his hands, although Xolos, Pachuca, Cougars, Chivas, Atlas Y Blue Cross They are not yet deleted.


Pumas 1-1 FC Juarez


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