these reasons for hope for the Canaries


Defeated for the fourth time in Ligue 1 at home against ASSE (2-3), FC Nantes did not miss anything this Sunday at La Beaujoire. Analysis.

Intentions in the game

Unhappy with the face displayed by his team in Bordeaux, Christian Gourcuff took real risks in his team composition. A much more offensive composition as Imran Louza retreated a notch to line up in front of the defense alongside Abdoulaye Toure. Intentions that we found in the game for 45 minutes. Less on the second period although the Canaries fired a few minutes before the 3-2 with a cross of Pallois (65th) and a shot from Simon stopped by Ruffier (66th) and on some situations on the end (77th, 85th).

The best Ludovic Blas of the season

If we had seen brilliant at the festival against Paris FC (doubled), the rookie of the summer of 2019 did not yet hold his reference match in Ligue 1. There is now better for the old Guingampais. Author of opening the scoring on a center in withdrawal of Benavente, Blas also delivered the decisive pass of 2-1. He also passed 3-2, soliciting Stephane Ruffier on a nice curling shot (35th).

Imran Louza interesting in relay

Not yet decisive in Ligue 1 so far, the international Espoirs paradoxically waited to go down one notch and be discharged from the role of No. 10 to score. A shot from outside the area, hijacked by Mahdi Camara and hit the mark. One of its most successful services.

Canaries betrayed by a lack of defensive rigor

The will of the game of Nantes was expensive on the defensive. Never this season the Canaries seemed so unbalanced defensively. In the corridors, Thomas Basila and Charles Traore left too much room for center-stage Etienne, who feasted on the first two goals. If Nicolas Pallois showed his usual determination, Andrei Girotto, meanwhile, had more trouble. The Brazilian is also very unhappy about the second goal of Denis Bouanga where he takes against Alban Lafont (67th). In general, we often saw the Nantes defenders put their goalkeeper in trouble on his foot. A point to correct.

Arnaud Carond

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