They claim that they will boycott elections in Afghanistan


Kabul, Nov. 9 (Prensa Latina) The elections in Afghanistan will be boycotted, said the chief executive of this country and one of the top favorites for the first magistracy, Abdullah Abdullah.

The incident will happen during the recount of the votes of the last presidential elections held at the end of last September, he said.He argued that the decision is due to the fact that the National Electoral Commission (CNE) has not just clarified why 300 thousand votes were invalidated in recent days.

According to CNE data, of the almost three million votes cast, only two million could be verified biometrically.

Of the sum referred, only 86 thousand votes were declared void, but the number of ballots that do not add up among those verified biometrically, is greater than announced by the CNE, according to Abdullah.

The process of scrutiny of the Afghan elections began yesterday and eight thousand 255 voting centers must be counted, one third of them located in the interior of the country, according to the electoral spokesman Zabihullah Sadat.

In the elections of this country only 28 percent of the population went to the polls, due to the scenario of violence and insecurity that has lived here and intensified since 2001, when the United States and its allies undertook an alleged crusade against terrorism that left As a result thousands of dead.

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