They denounce assault on the Venezuelan embassy in Bolivia


They denounce assault on the Venezuelan embassy in Bolivia

Chaos prevails in Bolivia after the resignation
of President Evo Morales and his Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera, several
journalists have denounced that the coup plotters try to take by force the
Venezuelan embassy in that country.

“They are raiding #Venezuela's Embassy in
#Bolivia ”, a Cuban communicator reported on Twitter.

They report that they are taking the Venezuelan embassy in La Paz and denounce the
hooded presence with dynamite, ”said a Venezuelan journalist.

The user named Orlenys, at the service of the Maduro government
He said “our diplomatic staff in Bolivia, they are informed,
but fascism has taken the embassy VIOLATING all law regulations

“We denounce to the international community the violation and damages
from our diplomatic headquarters in the Plurinational State of Bolivia as well as the
threats received to our diplomatic corps by the coup sectors
and fascists of that country ”published Embassy of Venezuela in Equatorial Guinea

In a video several opponents asked for the support of
Venezuelans in La Paz to take the embassy.

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