They denounce terrorist actions against MAS authorities in Bolivia


The Minister of Health of Bolivia, Gabriela Montano, denounced this Sunday terrorist actions against authorities of the Movement to Socialism (MAS), carried out by hitmen who break into the homes of politicians, beat their relatives and burn their homes to force them to give up.

“I denounce terrorist actions against MAS authorities, entering their homes by beating their families, and burning their homes, to force them to resign. They are actions carried out by hitmen. Mesa and Camacho (Carlos Mesa and Luis Fernando Camacho, opposition leaders) nobody will forget these actions in new elections, ”said the minister on the social network Twitter.

Montano held the Bolivian opposition responsible for the terrorist actions.

"All violence unleashed in Potosi, Oruro and other departments, in the hands of terrorist actions and hired assassinations are the responsibility of the opposition," warned the Minister of Health.

In this regard, he denounced that violent opposition groups are using the family against MAS authorities to present their resignation.

"Those who quit do so for their families. It's a bestiality!" He said on Twitter.

Earlier, several Morales administration officials decided to resign their positions, due to the attacks against them and their families; among them the Minister of Mining of Bolivia, Cesar Navarro, the Minister of Hydrocarbons, Luis Alberto Sanchez, the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Victor Borda, and the legislators David Ramos, Ruben Medinaceli and Maria Simoni.

Similarly, the Minister of Sports, Tito Montano, and the governor of Cochabamba, Ivan Canelas, resigned from his position.

Given these actions, Montano ratified that the opposition actions of violence are clear evidence of a coup d'etat.

“Putting armed civilians in front of civilians, shows full-length what Camacho and Mesa are. This is a coup! The opposition wants to cover the country with blood, ”he said.

Earlier, the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, announced the renewal of the TSE and the call for new general elections for the peace of the country; After the OAS report was announced, they recommended the repetition of the general elections of last October 20, because it was not possible to give certainty to the final calculation based on the System of Transmission of Preliminary Electoral Results (TREP).

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