They filmed D'Onofrio in a box with Dominguez e Infantino during the South American final


The controversy exploded, and it is not surprising. These images recorded during the final of the Copa Sudamericana exploded the fans of Argentine football.

In a video you can see Rodolfo D'Onofrio, Alejandro Dominguez and Gianni Infantino sharing a box at the General Pablo Rojas Stadium.

Nothing is heard of what happens within it, but they can be seen chatting and gesturing for a long time.

A few days after the final of the Copa Libertadores, seeing the president of River, Conmebol and FIFA together, nothing fell well for the general public.

In Lima, on November 23, the Millionaire will face Flamengo trying to achieve maximum glory for the second consecutive year.

Conspiracy speculations and theories, meanwhile, have already begun …

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