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A 36-year-old woman was found murdered in the head at her fashion accessories store located in the Santa Fe city of Esperanza. The main suspect of the crime was arrested after he was searched intensely by the authorities from the images captured by the security cameras.

The victim is the merchant Gabriela Irene Degiorgio, married to a businessman and mother of two children. In addition to his own accessory venture, he worked as an event decorator.

The macabre find happened last Friday, around 20.30, when Degiorgio's nephew went to the premises "Carmina", In Rivadavia between Lehmann and Aaron Castellanos, and found his aunt lying on the ground, without vital signs.

The victim.

Upon giving notice to 911, the police arrived at the scene and found that the woman had been beaten to death with a blunt and sharp object, so investigators suspect that the murder occurred in an attempt to steal or sexual abuse.

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In that sense, the prosecutor of Esperanza, Alejandro Benitez, ordered to relieve public or private security cameras, in which they were able to identify a young man as J.A.R, 28 years old. To find the suspect, the troops led a series of searches in homes linked to the subject but all were negative.

Images of the security camera in which the suspect can be seen.

Hours later, the young native of the city of Recreo decided to surrender to a police station in the city of Santa Fe, according to the site It will be investigated in the next few hours.

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