"Thinking as a country" Cuban baseball players lose


Cuban baseball players
Premier 12: "thinking like a country" Cuban players lose. Photo Radio Bayamo

LAS TUNAS, Cuba.- Embarrassingly, in Seoul, South Korea, Cuba's national baseball team played three games in the Premier 12 tournament and was eliminated.

The Cuba team lost two runs by zero against Canada; with Australia he ended up tied for two races, and in extra inning; We cannot say that he won, but that the controversial race of "victory" proved valid for Australia having exhausted the terms of claim. This Friday morning Cuba ended up losing 7 runs by zero against South Korea.

I say that, embarrassingly, Cuba's national baseball team played in Premier 12 because their performance has no other qualifier but that of embarrassment.

And yes, I use the word embarrassment which double way: as a synonym for shame, which it was, but also in its sense of suffocation, unease, confusion, stunning and hesitation so they played, wearing the uniform of their country, successful Cuban players in Other regions of the world.

Alfredo Despaigne, Yurisbel Gracial and Livan Moinelo joined the Cuba team in Seoul, they came from Japan where, members of the SofBank team, they had just crowned champions in the Japanese Professional League. But in the Cuba team none of them yielded, even moderately, what they produced on the SofBank.

Both Despaigne and Gracial are timely and strong hitters and they proved it in the Japanese Professional League, where they contributed, and much, to the success of SofBank. Equal contribution was given to that Japanese team, the pinar del Rio Punora Livan Moinelo. But very different was the performance of these Cuban players with the Cuba team in Seoul.

Blind, obnubilated, you will know by which patriotic rally, perhaps leading them to win, to win for the honor of "Socialist Cuba, lighthouse and guide of America", it can be said that neither Despaigne nor Gracial saw the balls thrown by the Canadian pchers , Australians and South Koreans, striking out again and again.

Full of anger, full of frustration, in a moment of despair, which defeated warrior breaking the sword, Yurisbel Gracial broke the bat.

Pinder Moinelo did not fare better: he gave a base on balls one after the other and left the box sown with runners, ready to score runs.

With the exception of Carlos Juan Viera of the Lenadores team of Las Tunas, who without international experience launched impeccably five innings against the Canadian batters, just as misfortune as the international Despaigne, Gracial and Moinelo ran the remaining players of the Cuban national team, including Frederick Cepeda, the team captain, who struck out as many times as perhaps never before in his already long baseball career.

There is no doubt that the newly won championship in Japan with the SofBank, Despaigne, Gracial and Moinelo, like any other athlete from anywhere in the world, had in mind to contribute with their talent so that the Cuba team had a decent performance in Seoul and with She pave the way to the Olympic Games. But they only added ballast to the sinking ship.

It is worth asking: How three high-performance athletes, just demonstrating their undisputed sports talent in the Japanese Professional League, very important contributors for the SofBank to be crowned champion, reduced their performance with the Cuba team to zero?

The answer is simple: SofBank hired and paid the Cuban players to the same extent as their skills. He did not demand in them extraterrestrial qualities or cyclopean spirits of dead men. And Despaigne, Gracial and Moinelo in Japan played baseball, not heroes.

But in Cuba, only five years old, Alfredo Despaigne, Yurisbel Gracial and Livan Moinelo were asked to shout: "Pioneers for communism, we will be like Che." That means the greatest magnificence, win them all.

And now, to make matters worse, Miguel Diaz-Canel, president of the republic selected by General Raul Castro, came up with the idea of ​​asking Cubans to "think as a country", not as mortals simply and simply destined to work, lie, excrete, to fornicate, ejaculate, reproduce and, at the end of that repetitive, millenary and prosaic cycle, conclude your days with the eternal dream, cremated or eaten by worms in the grave.

And, "thinking as a country" and not as earthly baseball players, in Seoul the Cuban baseball players seemed to look towards the Palace of the Revolution in Havana and not the pioneer in front of them, and they didn't hit in Premier 12.

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