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Should it rather be a new car or a new iPhone? Actually an absurd question. But a model of the Apple smartphone makes such a decision probably necessary.

Granted, the latest model of Apple's iPhone are not exactly cheap. An example? If you want to be able to call your own a fully equipped iPhone 11 Pro Max, you have to put a whopping 1,649 euros on the table. That's a lot of money, no question. This iPhone 11 price but fades in comparison to the sum that a luxury supplier now demands for a very special version of the Apple smartphone.

Funky iPhone 11 price: That costs the luxury smartphone

That the entry into the chic world of Apple is not very favorable, can probably be assumed as known. Whether it's a new iPhone, an iPad or an Apple Watch, American products are not cheap. The success of the devices, however, the high prices do not seem to hurt, because Apple's business is going well. This seems to have also noticed luxury provider Caviar and now offers a phone that makes the regular iPhone 11 price look like a bargain.

The smart phone is named "iPhone 11 Pro Discovery Solarius". Depending on which internal memory you choose, the smartphone will cost you up to 83,060 euros. Since the above-mentioned 1,649 euros are the same as a real special offer, right?

500 grams of gold turns the iPhone into a gold bar

Anyone who thinks that nobody would ever buy such an absurdly expensive smartphone is wrong. As techthelead writes, the exclusive copy is already taken. You wonder what drove the iPhone 11 prize so high? There are several reasons for this. The provider Caviar has used a whopping 500 grams of 18-karat gold, to give the smartphone its particularly noble look. If one assumes the actual weight of the mobile phone, this luxury iPhone 11 would have to bring about 700 grams on the scales.

Another highlight: Caviar gives the "iPhone 11 Pro Discovery Solarius" a watch. You read that right, a clock. However, this can not be an ordinary timepiece, the enormous price can already expect. And indeed: The built-in analog clock on the back of the iPhone 11 is reminiscent of particularly luxurious pocket watches of yesteryear and is decorated on top of that with a yellow diamond.

For ordinary customers, of course, it is completely impossible to pay for an "iPhone 11 Pro Discovery Solarius". iPhone 11 and iPhone Xr are already more affordable. We tell you which of the two models is the better smartphone. Get the perfect overview of your upcoming mobile phone usage with our mobile guide for the year 2019.

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