This is how Hansi Flick coached Lucien Favre


For a football team, it is always difficult to meet an opponent who has just changed his head coach.

Borussia Dortmund had to experience that in the 0: 4 against Bayern Munich on Saturday night. BVB had little information about the tactical plan of Bayern coach Hansi Flick and saw against the intense pressing no country.

Bayern defended this season mostly cautious. The Munich were among those Bundesliga teams that rarely play high pressing on average and instead prefer to retire in their own half.

But Dortmund looked completely different.

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Flick's plan works

Flick made his intentions clear in his staff selection. Instead of a Philippe Coutinho for example, he preferred to hire Thomas Muller, who together with the strong Leon Goretzka should take the Dortmund double six out of the game.

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The plan worked. After balanced early minutes, the FC Bayern laced the guests increasingly and scored the 1: 0 by Robert Lewandowski. With this lead in the back, BVB was forced to play more forward, but was unable to do so.

The Bayern played so intense pressing that they often put Dortmund already in shootings of Roman Burki under pressure and forced to imprecise passports.

In the 4-3-3 of Bayern attacking row went to Lewandowski directly to the Dortmund central defender, if they had on his own penalty area the ball. The ball was therefore quickly played in midfield, where, however, Axel Witsel and Julian Weigl were received by Muller, Goretzka and Joshua Kimmich.

The Bavarians went a little risk here, because they did not closely monitor, for example, a Julian Brandt. However, since they stopped early the attacks of BVB and often forced a ballon conquest, paid off this risk.

BVB without pace and fit, Favre no answer

With each additional ball loss – it was at the end of 22 in the first and second field third – BVB was still unsure. After the match BVB coach Lucien Favre said: "We were not afraid." Instead, he pushed the defeat to other shortcomings. "Speed, ball acceptance, technique, passes, movement: we were not good," said the 62-year-old.

However, just the lack of speed and the many inaccurate passes were caused by a certain anxiety. BVB noticed that there was no time against this strong pressing of FC Bayern. Within fractions of a second, they had to act.

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Within moments, they had to get the ball away from their own penalty area. This pressure to act made Dortmund an error-prone and therefore average team.

The often missing physical robustness of the BVB came at best therefore to the fore. But that was not the main reason for the defeat. Even the physically strong Six Witsel could not assert itself, because the pressing of Bayern in the collective was so intense.

Favre himself had no answer. He took before the half-time break Jadon Sancho from the square and brought the defensive stronger Raphael Guerreiro, whose ball safety, however, did not come to fruition.

Later, Favre tried a more offensive formation as he pushed Brandt back and put Marco Reus in 10th place. But that did not change the superiority of the Bayern system.

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