This is what the league is doing at the opening of 2019


He mexican soccer is about to conclude its regular phase. Five teams have managed to qualify for the Fiesta Grande; Santos Laguna, America, Necaxa, Queretaro and Tigres, They will be in the title dispute. The other three places are being played by nine teams; Leon, Morelia, Monterrey, Cougars, Tijuana, Pachuca, Blue Cross Y Chivas.

The Liguilla at the moment

(1) Santos Laguna | (8) Monterrey

The Laguneros qualified a week ago with the victory against America in the Azteca Stadium. In short tournaments every time Santos qualifies first, It reaches the final. On the other side, La Pandilla managed to take all three points in Tijuana and is currently eighth.

Santos Laguna Shield / Flag

Scratched Shield / Flag

(2) Necaxa | (7) Morelia

The Rays went to the home of Atletico San Luis and defeated them comfortably 2-0. Guillermo Vazquez's team is placed second in the general table and would face a battered Monarcas Morelia. The Purepechas have closed the regular phase greatly and are one step away from completing their classification to the 'Big Party'.

Necaxa Shield / Flag

Monarcas Shield / Flag

(3) America | (6) Queretaro

The eagles went to the Port and beat the Red Sharks mercilessly 5-0, with the result he secured his ticket to the league and will be one of the main candidates for the title. The White Roosters have gone from more to less. They were the surprise at the beginning of the tournament, however, they have gone out. Their defeat at Chivas' house places them in the sixth place.

Shield / Flag America

White Gallos Coat of Arms / Flag

(4) Leon | (5) Tigers

La Fiera seeks revenge after losing the final against Tigres, so in the quarterfinals they would have it quickly. With their triumph against Toluca, they already secured their ticket. The felines can still climb position, but for now they would settle for fifth place.

Coat of Arms / Flag Leon FC

Tigers Shield / Flag

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