This video of a beluga playing with a rugby ball has absolutely nothing cute


It's been a few days now that a video is circulating on social networks. We see a beluga catch and report a rugby ball thrown by men on a boat. It was obviously no more necessary for it to be shared tens of thousands of times by people touched by this beautiful moment of complicity. But, as the Huffington Post points out, the reality is actually much more dramatic.

Once the moment of emotion has passed, it will not have escaped you that this is a rather unnatural behavior on the part of a beluga. As Ferris Jabr, a science journalist and contributor to the New York Times, "belugas are very intelligent animals but, in the wild, they would not know what to do if you throw them a ballIn other words, cetaceans have probably had to deal with humans already.

A beluga with a tragic destiny

According to Ferris Jabr, it would be Hvaldimir, a whale with a tragic destiny who has already made headlines.

Last April, a harnessed cetacean was discovered by Norwegian fishermen. At the time, the experts initially thought it was a spy sent by Russia before realizing that the animal had probably fled. A troubling detail had raised doubts: inside the harness was the mention "Equipment of St. Petersburg". Asked about it, a Russian general quipped, saying "if we had really used this animal to spy on you do you really think we would have attached a phone number with a message 'please, call this number?'Nevertheless, according to the International mailThe Murmansk Institute of Marine Biology, in the Barents Sea, is a recognized test and training site for various marine mammals for military purposes.

If we still do not know for sure where Hvaldimir came from, we know that the animal seems to be desperately seeking human contact. Many videos of him showing him recovering human objects lost deep in the water are constantly appearing on social networks.

According to the foundation that bears his name, "it seems obvious that he was conditioned to be fed by hand. If this is the case, he will continue to be dependent on humans and will not be able to hunt and feed himself."Touched by the distress of the animal, the foundation has raised the funds necessary to teach him to feed himself and develop his ability to hunt.If he is more independent today, he does not seem to be able to resist to get closer to humans, sometimes to hurt themselves.

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