This was the play in which Hurricane suffered two expulsions against Racing


Racing he earned 1 to 0 to Hurricane, with just five regulatory minutes left, when the visiting team lost its cool and succumbed to nervousness. And that's how in a single play he stayed with two less players.

Dario Cvitanich He went to look for a ball on the left, put the body to defend the position and Orban pushed him until he needed it and threw it on the floor.

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Then it came Carlos Araujo and, with the striker on the floor, he stomped on his stomach. Fernando Rapallini He saw everything and arrived with the red card on top.

But everything was not there. Reniero came to defend Cvitanich and Lucas Merolla He attacked him until he threw him on the grass. Then Rapallini also expelled 23.

Two unusual attitudes in a game that Hurricane needed to tie. But it was made uphill with 9 players and little time to play.

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