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(The Weekend Deal) Generous, Cyberghost? With its one-year VPN subscription, the company offers 6 free months. The monthly cost is 2.75 euros per month, or 49.50 euros for 18 months, a rate normally reserved for those who register for 3 years.

Every day, the editorial team selects for you a good plan found on the web, which has a direct relation with our editorial line. The week is rather material; the weekend is rather software and services.

If we recommend Cyberghost as a VPN solution, it's not for nothing. Apart from being one of the main players in the sector, the company offers a quality service that we obviously tested and approved before writing these lines. It ranks in our top 3 VPN solutions of the moment.

Today, we come back to talk about him through a promotion that will allow you to test it without committing yourself for too long. In addition to offering a one-year subscription of 2.75 euros per month, the monthly price of the 3-year subscription, Cyberghost also offers 6 free months. In concrete terms, you pay 12 months and you will enjoy the service for 18 months.

Note that a 45-day trial period is granted to obtain an opinion on the quality of the service. If you are not satisfied, simply contact the customer service to get your refund in full.

To better understand the offer

  • Can we trust Cyberghost for the security of its data?

Cyberghost is a serious player in the very opportunistic market and saturated with VPN. The company has nearly 5,800 servers worldwide (90 countries in total) to provide quality service to its users, while ensuring they do not keep their data. It is also one of the top three VPNs we recommend in our guide to the best VPNs of the moment.

  • With this subscription, is it possible to access the US catalog of Netflix, for example?

Yes. Cyberghost servers are compatible with streaming. Netflix has so far a lot of tolerance on the practice, even if it is prohibited in its guidelines. This is not true for all streaming services, especially Disney + where it was simply impossible to connect to the Dutch beta.

  • With which devices can I use the Cyberghost VPN?

The Cyberghost VPN is available on most devices using a modern OS. The complete list is at this address and we find iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Linux and even some routers that will allow you to spend your entire network behind the VPN.

  • Can I share my subscription with relatives?

It's entirely possible. The Cyberghost subscription allows you to connect up to 7 different devices with a single license.

  • It's hard to use everyday?

Cyberghost is one of the good students on the interface side. The customer is pretty, organized and especially well explained, with a great effort in terms of translation into French.

The interface of Cyberghost (here the Windows client) is very easy to use.

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