Those who played in Racing and in Hurricane


Racing and Hurricane will be measured for the second time in the year at the Avellaneda Cylinder, in this case by the 13th date of the Argentine Super League 2019/2020, next Sunday at 17.45. And a good way to start living the previous one is to review the players who wore both shirts in recent decades, with the particularity that we detail two teams, one with those who first they played in Racing and another one with whom before dressing the albiceleste they acted in the Burning.

From the first team it is inevitable not to start with two academic glories: Agustin Mario Cejas and Alfio "Coco" Basile, archer and defender of the 1967 Libertadores and Intercontinental Racing champion. The latter also champion with the Menotti Hurricane in 1973. Another that stands out is Claudio Úbeda, an academic reference between 1995 and 2006 (captain of the 2001 champion), who has the particularity in addition to having directed both teams, although Racing interimly. They are also part of the defense Carlos "Pipi" Araujo, of ephemeral but good step by Racing and current reference of the Globe, and Carlos "Chiche" Arano, player undercarriage-technical champion of Racing who was part of the remembered Hurricane runner-up Cappa in 2009.

Of those who came from Parque Patricios to Avellaneda, the names of the “Turkish” stand out Claudio Omar Garcia and Fernando “Tete” Quiroz, symbols of the '90s Racing. The volunteer defender Leandro Grimi –champion 2014-, the skilled Sixto “Mumo” Peralta, Patricio Toranzo and David Mariano Dalla Libera, and the goalkeeper Pablo Migliore, key in the team led by Caruso Lombardi, who with their good performance also left their mark. a great campaign avoided the Promotion in 2009. The alternate bank of both renowned technical teams coincided, highlighting: Alfio Basile, Carlos Babington, Miguel Brindisi, Luis Cubillas and Angel Cappa, in addition to Ricardo Caruso Lombardi and the aforementioned Claudio Úbeda .

From Racing to Hurricane

Agustin Mario Eyebrows; Carlos "Pipi" Araujo, Claudio Úbeda, Alfio Basile and Carlos Arano; Mariano Gonzalez, Mariano Bareiro, Claudio Marini and Roberto Pompei; Ricardo Noir and Ezequiel Miralles. DT. Alfio Basile- Ricardo Caruso Lombardi- Luis Cubillas.

Huracan Racing
Arano was champion with Racing and played in Hurricane.

From Patricios to Avellaneda

Pablo Migliore; Hugo Corbalan, Fernando “Tete” Quiroz, Leandro Grimi; Patricio Toranzo, Mario Bolatti, Sixto Peralta and Mariano Dalla Libera; Claudio "Turco" Garcia and Gaston Casas. DT. Carlos Babington- Miguel Brindisi- Angel Cappa- Claudio Úbeda.

Report: Diego Pierotti.

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