Thousands march in France against Islamophobia and racism


Thousands of people marched today in France to reject Islamophobia and racism, in a mobilization that defied rain and low temperatures in this capital.

From several Parisian points, French from the most diverse sectors traveled streets and avenues with banners and flags to the Nation Square, roundabout adorned by the sculpture The triumph of the Republic.

The rejection of division and hatred, calls for unity and the defense of the Islamic veil were among the claims of protesters called by personalities and organizations.

Visible figures of domestic politics, such as the leader of La Francia Insumisa, Jean-Luc Melenchon, and the secretary of the General Confederation of Labor, Philippe Martinez, participated in the march.

The peaceful protest took place in a tense context, marked by the attack at the end of October in a mosque in Bayonne, in the French Basque country, where a member of the extreme right wounded two people with a bullet and justified the action with the fact that it was the Muslims who caused the destructive fire of April 15 – recognized as an accident – in the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Also for the approval in the Senate, at first reading, of a bill designed to prohibit the use of religious symbols, including the Islamic veil, to parents who accompany their children in school activities.

The massive Sunday mobilization included accusations against President Emmanuel Macron, whom some blamed for fueling the racist and anti-immigrant positions of the traditional and extreme right.

It also had the rejection of the role of media that aggravate the polarization prevailing in France.

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