thousands of parents no longer receive benefits … because of a bug


18,000 parents of home child care providers have not received financial assistance for months. Blame it on a transfer of skills. Before, it was the Family Allowances Fund (CAF) which was responsible for paying the allowance, but now it is the Ursaff. A big bug has created huge delays, explainsThe Parisian. As a result, thousands of families have had to pay for their maternal assistant alone, but also in some cases social security contributions.

"It really has become a pit for us"

Gwenaelle Lheurin, for example, has two children. She received 467 euros of help to pay a maternal assistant 650 euros per month. In March, everything changed: the Pajemploi platform, which depends on the Urssaf, begins to take over from the CAF and data is lost in the transfer.

The young mother was no longer referenced and therefore had to advance all expenses. Arriving at 2,800 euros of overdraft, she decided to stop working to keep her last son. "I had threats and reminders from the banker so it really became a pit for us," she says at the microphone of Europe 1.

"Today, I am angry because we have no return from Pajemploi, we have no processing time, I find myself in great precariousness because I can not claim to Pôle Emploi. We feel completely abandoned by the system and we hope that things will move very quickly because it is no longer bearable, "says Gwenaelle Lheurin, who co-founded, at the end of October, the collective" Families in Struggle ", a collective for all the cases still waiting for treatment. All families, she says, hope to be reimbursed for the holidays.

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