Ticker: LoL Worlds Final 2019: disaster for G2. FPX celebrates in Paris


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Hope bearer G2 against newcomer FPX. Europe or China? Who is at the top after the LoL Worlds Final 2019? All information about the game in the ticker.

  • G2 Esports – FunPlus Phoenix 0: 3 (Best of 5), Sunday 10th November: 13:00
  • The LoL Worlds Final 2019 takes place in Paris.
  • Both teams are for their aggressive playstil known. A spectacle is imminent.
  • Can the EU super team break Chinese dominance? All this in the live ticker.

LoL Worlds Final 2019: G2 Esports – FunPlus Phoenix in the final

Team G2 Esports (G2): Martin "Miracle" Hansen (Top-Lane), Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski (Jungle), Rasmus "Caps" Winther (Mid-Lane), Luka "Perkz" Perkovic (Bot-Lane), Mihael "Mikyx" Flours (Support) , Hampus "Promisq" Abrahamsson (Support / Replacement), Fabian "GrabZ" Lohmann (Coach)

Team FunPlus Phoenix (FPX): Kim "Gimgoon" Hansaem (Top-Lane), Tian2-Liang "Tian" Gao (Jungle), Tae-Sang "Doinb" Kim (Mid-Lane), Weixiang "LWX" Lin (Bot-Lane), Qingsong "Crisp" Liu (Support), Ping "Xinyi" Chang (Support / Replacement), Chen "WarHorse" Ju-Chih (Coach)

Score: G2 0-3 FPX (final result)

Place: AccorHotels Arena in Paris

Caster: Chris "Papasmithy" Smith, Sam "Kobe" Hartman-Kenzler, Trevor "Quickshot" Henry

Conclusion: Despite the overwhelming support from local fans, the European hope G2 could not oppose the Chinese newcomer FPX. In the end FunPlus Phoenix wins clearly 3: 0. In three fast and spectacular games, the young Chinese came out of any objective trade with an advantage and thus beat G2 Esports in their own strengths. A deserved World Cup victory for FPX, with their title China leading into a new era of dominance.

FPX celebrates. G2 disappointed in the LoL Worlds Final 2019.

© Riot Games

With the round of honor of the world champion "FunPlus Phoenix" also ends our coverage of the LoL Worlds 2019 finals. Thank you for being there and see you next year. What do you think of the FPX victory? Write us in the comments!

16:38 clock: A curious moment to conclude. MVP "Tian" forgets his trophy -symptomatic for his modest performance.

16:36 clock: In the interview, he thanks his fans and emphasizes that he had a big goal in mind: to set himself apart from all the other junglers in the world and write the name "Tian" in the big book of e-sports history. That's what the 19-year-old did with this win.

16:35 clock: An additional price is still open. Who will MVP the tournament? Casters, experts and journalists have voted. The best player of LoL Worlds 2019 is Gao "Tian" Tian-Liang, Jungler of FPX. Over the past four weeks, he has been the anchor of his team and has been able to make some games with his consistent performances.

16:30: Award ceremony in Paris. Riot Games founder Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill as well as local e-sports personalities will be giving medals to the winners of the LoL Worlds Finals 2019. FPX is overjoyed.

16:28 clock: Asked about his wonderful wife Umi, Mid-Laner Doinb answers emotionally: "Without you, I would have ended my career before this season, only because of that I made another year and could celebrate this victory." – touching!

16:26 clock: DoinB and LWX in an interview with Host Sjokz. "Today we did not win because we were better, but the opponents performed extremely badly!" LWX makes for boos with the G2 fans with this provocative statement.

16:24 clock: Doinb, LWX, Crisp, Tian, ​​GimGoon, Xinyi and Coach WarHorse lift the Summoner's Cup. Thus, the Chinese team is already two years after its founding at the top of the League of Legends.

LoL Worlds Final 2019: shock in Paris. European hope once again smashed

16:22 clock: The League of Legends world champion comes from China. FPX takes the trophy after three one-sided games and destroys the European hopes for the second year in a row. Paris is shocked!

31st Minute (Game 3): FPX wins Game 3 against G2

31st minute (game 3): PerkZ and wonders can not stop FPX. The nexus towers are falling and with shining eyes and life beams, the Chinese can tear down the nexus of G2. FPX dominates and wins Game 3.

30th minute (game 3): fight at the baron. G2 is back too late. LWX secures the worm, but the Europeans want the fight. A wrong decision as it turns out. G2 loses three players and FPX pushes with Baron in the base of European hopefuls.

29th minute (Game 3): It seems like FPX has one answer to every G2 move. Fourth, the Chinese team secures another kite (Ocean)

28th minute (game 3): Nevertheless, G2 does not give up. With a quick pick on Doinb in Bot you buy time – no more, no less.

25th minute (Game 3): Doinb pushes alone in the top lane. G2 tries to intercept him, but FPX responds with a first-class teleport play. The result: Three dead G2 players and no losses for China. On top FPX gets the upper inhibitor and the mid-lane T1 – Catastrophe for G2!

24th Minute (Game 3): Both teams again trade Objectives. PerkZ gets the second kite (Mountain) for G2 while FPX Baron starts. Also, the bot of the Bot Laners can not prevent the Chinese to secure the better buff – FPX has the advantage.

22nd minute (Game 3): G2 gathers in the mid-lane and wants the T1 tower. Crisp saves his mid-laner's life, but FPX still has to give up the tower.

21st minute (Game 3): After 20 minutes: FPX: 33.2k gold – G2: 31.6k gold

19th minute (Game 3): G2 does not give up! Outsiders in the top lane and bad teleport management of FPX provide for a 3-1 trade for the Europeans. Is that the answer everyone has been waiting for?

16th minute (Game 3): Finally the Europeans show a sign of life. FPX launches the Dragon, but Jankos on Jarvan snatches the Objective from the Chinese under the nose. G2 only has one kill.

11th minute (Game 3): After 10 minutes: FPX: 16.9k gold – G2: 15k gold

10th Minute (Game 3): G2 seems paralyzed. Without resistance, the European team also has to cede the Rift-Herald to FPX. There is nothing to be seen of the individual strengths of the home team.

9th minute (game 3): No kills in the third game. Nevertheless, the Chinese powerhouse can earn massive benefits.

7th minute (Game 3): No reaction from G2. So FPX can also secure the first T1 tower of the game in the bot lane. By the way, the fastest of the whole tournament.

6th Minute (Game 3): FPX pushes Bot-Lane pressure and can thus secure the first kite (Mountain) of the game.

3rd minute (Game 3): In the first five minutes a sampling of both teams. However, PerkZ already has a distinct disadvantage over LWX – symptomatic of the match.

1st minute (Game 3): Action right from the start. After an FPX Invade, G2's Bot Laner loses his Flash. In return, the FPX support must do without his Summoner-Spell.

15:55: Game 3 of the LoL Worlds Final 2019 begins.

15:54 clock: These are the champions for game 3:

G2 vs. FPX: Game 3 Picks

© Riot Games

Top Lane




Lee Sin


Mid Lane









15:53 ​​clock: The Chinese finalize their draft with Gangplank and Galio. G2 grabs Veigar for caps and Jarvan lands in the jungle. That's the last rearing up.

15:52 clock: The final bans for FPX: Olaf and Rek'sai. No variation. G2 bans Rumble and Akali in return.

15:52 clock: Thresh and Lee Sin from FunPlus Phoenix. On the other hand, G2 opts for Ezrael.

15:51 clock Xayah is open and lands as a first-pick at FPX. G2 reacts and secures Ryze and Nautilus. A good exchange for the Europeans.

15:51 clock: FPX first bans Syndra, Gragas and Kai'sa. Xayah breaks through the net this time. G2 rejects Pantheon, Qiyana and Rakan.

15:50 clock: Clock: Picks & Bans for game 3 start. G2 plays red-side again.

15:48 clock: "We want more games!". The casters speak out, which is what half of the world wants. G2 has to deliver.

15:46 clock: LEC starter Romain Bigeard makes the fans again fire under the butt. The fan support should not fail a comeback of G2 today.

15:43 clock: Paris still in a good mood. Even if the ranks in one or the other place clear, the supporters of G2 still ringing through the arena. A 3-0 for FPX would be a disappointment for any League of Legen fan.

15:40 clock: Nothing but praise for the Chinese team. Above all, the services of FPX-Bot-Lane are highlighted at the Analyst Desk. Hardly any team before could punish G2's notorious greed so well.

15:39 clock: G2 has nothing left to lose. We hope that the German coach "GrabbZ" has unpacked the current Worlds song during the break so that his team can deliver a Phoenix performance in Game 3 and rip the match off.

15:37 clock: The stream goes into the break and we also pull back briefly to get handkerchiefs and process the disappointment. See you for the third game.

15:35 clock: FunPlus Phoenix also proves in Game 2 that League of Legends is currently at the absolute zenith. G2 has to show in the next game that there is a European Stehaufnchen in them.

LoL Worlds Final 2019: G2 is no match for FPX. Will the Europeans make a comeback?

25th minute (Game 2): FPX wins Game 2 against G2

25th Minute (Game 2): One G2 player after the next throws himself into the arms of FPX. The last battle fails and so four FPX players can rattle the base of G2. Game 2 also goes to the Chinese powerhouse.

24th minute (game 2): G2 has refueled and is desperately looking for picks on the map. Only a 1: 1 trade on the blue-buff of FPX, then a catastrophic fight around the mid-lane. Again three dead on the side of G2 Esports. Meanwhile, FPX has amassed a 13k gold lead.

15:27 – break (game 2): Stop the break! Game 2 continues and immediately a fight breaks out in the bot side river. G2 sets the first trick, but FPX counters and kills every single player of G2. An ACE! and thus an inhibitor for the Chinese.

15:23 clock – break (game 2): The break came apparently from the Chinese team. In the last team fight FPX should have had problems with lags. The broadcast sends us back to the analyst desk. We'll let you know as soon as Game 2 of the LoL Worlds Finals 2019 starts again.

15:21 – break (game 2): "Raise Your Baguettes for G2!" – despite massive backlogs, the fans in the AccorHotels Arena provide backing.

23rd Minute (Game 2): Short Breath for G2 Esports. Also in game 2 there is an unplanned break.

21st minute (game 2): Said and done. Less than a minute after spawning, FPX kills the purple worm with no defense from G2. It looks bleak for Caps and Co.

20th minute (Game 2): Miracle is the only player of the Europeans without a death. If FPX gets the Baron Buff now, the game is probably over.

18th minute (game 2): The Chinese powerhouse is now overwhelmingly superior and can pick up two players from G2 in the top-side river. The episode: The first dragon (cloud) for FPX.

17th minute (Game 2): FPX early in the game with a 5k gold lead. The fans react and support their team with fanatics.

14th Minute (Game 2): Tian uses the Herald in the top lane and thus tears the mid-lane T1 tower. A gigantic advantage for FPX.

13th minute (game 2): Each outnumber on both sides of the map. G2 gets the second dragon (Cloud), while FPX secures the Rift Herald. What can the Chinese team do with it?

12th minute (game 2): G2 with pressure in the lower half of the map. FPX relies on top-side vision.

10th minute (Game 2): After 10 minutes: FPX: 16.1k gold – G2: 15k gold

9th minute (game 2): Close fight in the top lane. Gimgoons Kled with a strong all-in on miracles. Akali rescues with a flash and single-digit HP under its own tower.

8th minute (game 2): G2 wants the first dragon (Fire) of the game and gets it. But the EU team gives up three kills and Firstblood. Only Tian dies in return. Was it really worth it?

7th minute (game 2): As in game, Miracle can build a significant CS advantage. This Akali will be strong!

6th minute (game 2): Both Jungler grope themselves off. Jankos and Tian are looking for counter-ganks, but find no way.

4th minute (Game 2): This time a clearly leisurely start. Both teams are satisfied with cozy farming.

1st minute (game 2): No break, but action? Both teams set up for a Lvl1 Invade. But nothing happens. The two squads pass each other.

15:58 clock: Game 2 begins.

15:57 clock: After this Flex Festival, the two Comps are in game 2 of the LoL Worlds Final 2019:

Top Lane




Lee Sin


Mid Lane









14:55 clock: G2 finishes the draft with Akali, Tristana and Yasuo. FPX picks Kled and Galio. That screams for team fights.

14:54 clock: G2 finalizes the bans with Gangplank and Kayle. FPX waives Olaf and Rek'sai. Much pressure on the top-Lanern and Junglern.

14:53 clock: G2 chooses a jungler as a first pick. Gragas logged in. In return, FPX secures Kai'sa and Ryze. A risky draft for G2.

14:52 clock: The first three bans for G2 are Renekton, Nautilus, Qiyana. FPX reacts with Pantheon, Syndra, Xayah. Except for Nautilus so no major changes.

14:52 clock: Picks & Bans for game 2 start. G2 this time on the red side.

14:49 clock: For G2 is a lot at stake. Finally, before the game, the team boldly announced that it would finally bring the title back to European territory after eight years. Ex-Mid-LanerPerkz before the final:

14:43 clock: The stream goes into a short break and we also have to first 'whistle' an antihypertensive. What a spectacular start! See you in game 2.

14:39 clock: The exuberant mood to start the final seems clouded. The Fangsange fall silent. Meanwhile, teams are pulling back to discuss the strategy.

14:35 clock: Back to the analyst desk: FPX has managed to engage G2 in small battles to stifle the map pressure of the Europeans in the bud. Thanks to a strong performance by Crisp and Tian, ​​the plan came to fruition.

LoL Worlds Final 2019: European hope under pressure after wild game 1

41st minute (Game 1): FPX wins Game 1 against G2.

41st minute (Game 1): FPX in the base of G2. Every hook from Crisp sits and Jankos, Caps and Perkz are in the gray screen again. That's the victory for FPX.

40th minute (Game 1): FPX gets miracles in its own jungle. 5-4 outnumber for 60 seconds.

39th minute (Game 1): FPX with five men and Baron-Buff in the base of G2. Mid and top inhib fall simultaneously. G2 is under pressure.

38th minute (game 1): G2 realizes that battling FPX with the Dragon Buff is not feasible and takes the Bot-Lane T2 Tower in compensation to the FPX Baron. The Chinese can push.

37th minute (Game 1): FPX in the majority and the first Elder-Dragon is just spawned. No resistance from G2. The first Elder buff belongs to FPX.

35th Minute (Game 1): G2 Esports shows creativity and caught FPX in a slow rotation in the top lane. Suddenly four G2 players on the inhibitor. The objective drops, but G2 loses three players. FPX only 2.

33rd Minute (Game 1): FPX pushes with Baron in the middle and can land an important Nautilus hook on miracles. The first inhibitor drops. Advantage for the Chinese.

31st Minute (Game 1): After 30 minutes: FPX: 50.0k gold – 52.1k gold

31st Minute (Game 1): FPX brings the first dragon in the game without resistance

30th minute (game 1)The dragon goes at the expense of Perkz and Jankos. FPX reacts and starts baron.

29th minute (game 1): Both teams with setup in the mid-lane. G2 has the push priority and can thus secure another dragon (Fire).

27th minute (Game 1): Important pick for FPX in the mid-lane. The Chinese team gets the middle T2 tower.

26th minute (game 1): intermediate after 25 minutes









Ocean / cloud / cloud

25th minute (game 1): The investment in Pink Wards also pays off. FPX gets the next kite (Cloud)

23rd minute (game 1): A short breather before the next dragon. FPX has clear vision benefits on the bottom of the map.

22nd minute (game 1): An incredibly tight match. Both teams with good scaling in the late game. It could be a long game.

20th minute (Game 1): After 20 minutes: FPX: 33.8k gold – G2: 34.6k gold

19th minute (Game 1): After a spectacular Q by Pyke, FPX support dies. The episode: A Dragon (Ocean) for G2.

17th minute (game 1): FPX continues to pressure Bot-Lane and pick up the T2 tower.

16th Minute (Game 1): Also the second dragon (Ocean) goes to FPX.

16th minute (game 1): Wild objective trades on both sides. Together with PerkZ the Rift Herald even gets the T2 tower in the top lane. Advantage: G2.

15th minute (game 1): FPX responds with pressure on the bot lane. Three players pick up the T1 tower in the lower part of the map.

14th Minute (Game 1): After Jankos can get the Rift Herald, G2 secures the first tower in the game. Top-side T1 is down.

12th minute (game 1): First fight in the top-side river. Both top Laner teleport, but no one dies.

11th minute (Game 1): After 10 minutes: FPX: 14.5k gold – G2: 14k gold

10th minute (game 1): G2 gets first kill after a questionable Invade from Tian.

8th minute (game 1): Again three men from FPX in the top lane of G2. Miracle has to make two valuable turret plates.

7th Minute (Game 1): After push from LWX and Crips: Tian secures FPX the first dragon (cloud) of the game.

5th minute (game 1): No more flash on Wunders Ryze. The result: another gank top lane. Miracle dies for the second time in this game. Bad sign for G2.

4th minute (Game 1): First Blood for FPX. After Roam from DoinB and a 3-man dive, wonder is the first victim of the game.

13:50 – break (game 1): Miracle gets a new keyboard. The break ends and the game can begin.

13:47 – Break (Game 1): Caster on the strategy of both teams: As in the semifinals, G2 relies on roaming power and pressure on the map. FPX counters with a lot of CC and Engage to force G2 into team fights.

3rd minute (Game 1): No game = no mood? No way! Despite a long break, a fat Laola spills through the AccorHotels Arena.

1st minute (Game 1): Disillusionment. Just 10 seconds after the start, the first break. G2 has technical problems. That too is final!

13:41 clock: Game 1 begins.

1:40 pm: These are the champions for both teams:

Top Lane




Lee Sin


Mid Lane








Tahm Kench

13:39 clock: A G2 Special in the last rotation. Elise Jungle for Jankos and Pyke! Caps plays the assassin in the mid-lane. This ends the draft.

13:38 clock: G2 wants to count the anchor man and chooses Tahm Kench Support. FPX responds with Gangplank and Thresh.

13:37 clock: In the second rotation, FPX covers early and late-game. Lee Sin and Sivir picked.

13:36: clock: FPX with the first-pick Nautilus. G2 answers with Varus and Ryze. What did FPX prepare for the blue rapid-fire Mage?

13:35 clock: Ryze is open! A real surprise!

13:34 clock: The first three bans of G2: Pantheon, Qiyana, Xayah

13:34 clock: The first three bans of FPX: Syndra, Gragas, Kai'sa

13:33 clock: The Pick & Ban phase starts. This is where the strategy of the teams decides. G2 chooses Blue Side.

13:32 clock: The final is imminent. Today's casters: "Papasmithy", "Kobe" and "Quickshot". The hype meter stands up: Damn loud.

13:28 clock: The fans have been waiting for that. The panel of experts delivers their predictions. There is only one opinion. G2 gets the cup. These results come from the Analyst Desk:

  • Froskurinn: 3-1
  • Jatt 3-1
  • Deficit 3-2
  • Vedius 3-1

Although Jatt is still rethinking at the last moment, we are optimistic and will also be tapping on G2 as the new LoL World Champion. Our prediction: 3-2 for G2.

13:25 clock: "In the early game, the match decides when it comes to LEC Caster Vedius. Not everybody agrees with the analyst desk. The crowd is still raging.

13:25 clock: How can G2 beat Doinb's gigantic champion pool? The panel of experts is debating whether this is possible or whether the remaining members of the team need to overperform Caps instead of caps.

LoL Worlds Final 2019: Yasuo tornado brings the arena to a shudder.

13:18 clock: "Europe's time has come!" With these words, the ceremony ends and it goes one last time back to the analyst desk. What do you think of the spectacle?

13:17 clock: The hype is at its peak. "The G2 Esports team is not here to win, it's here to conquer the world," the scene's intro video says.

1:16 pm: Hardly any other language in the world screams as beautifully as French! The fans love it and are looking forward to a spectacular series.

13:14 clock: "WUUUUNDER!" The G2 players are celebrated like heroes. Does this look like the future World Champions?

13:13 clock: At the same time, the final teams appear on stage. Under loud applause every player gets his spotlight. Even at FPX the crowd cheers.

13:10: The designed by Louis Vitton Trophy Case opens and reveals the giant trophy. It's all about the Summoner's Cup today. The crowd is raging!

13:08: o'clock Of course, the actually Worlds song may not be missing. Together with their CGI counterparts, "Phoenix" is performed with a firework of whirling colors. Goose bumps!

13:07 clock: A gigantic Yasuo tornado sweeps through the stadium – of course, all CGI. The fans are completely freaking out.

13:05 clock: Under AR effect thunderstorm launches the main act of the evening. "Giants" is the new song of the specially created band "True Damage" – a wild mixture of hip-hop and pop.

13:04 clock: The Parisian homegrown Valerie Boussard is allowed to perform the opening song "Awaken" – Above her is a gigantic CGI dome. Fancy!

13:02 clock: The countdown is running. The Riot logo shimmers on the big screen. The opening ceremony can begin. HYPE!

LoL Worlds Final 2019: Spartan with baguette gets the Paris crowd to cheer

12:59 pm: Also this year Mastercard presents the opening ceremony. The mood is boiling. What did Riot Games think of for global fans? Will an AR Dragon fly through the arena again like two years ago in China?

12:55 pm: The ranks in the arena are crammed. The mood before the opening ceremony at the peak. G2 fan chants ring through the arena.

12:50 clock: 10 minutes until the opening ceremony of the LoL Worlds Final 2019. Now it's going to be personal. Who is the bigger fan: Caps Dad or Doinb's wife?

DoinB brought his wife to the LoL Worlds Final 2019. Caps his father.

© Riot Games

12:45 pm: In the interview, Caps says to his adversary: ​​"Doinb is the biggest threat in FPX, and if we can eliminate him, chances are good."

12:40 clock: Focus on FPX Mid-Laner. Gigantic champion pool, crazy off meta-picks. Doinb could turn out to be a surprise factor in the final.

12:35 clock: By the way, Rasmus "Caps" Winther is the only player in both teams with experience in a LoL Worlds final. In the last year he had to beat with Fnatic the still-world champion Invictus Gaming.

12:30 pm: French vibes off the arena. Every week she conducts interviews with the professionals. Now reports Laure Valee from the adjacent E-Sports Village. The fans love her.

12:24 clock: Short break. The perfect opportunity to give you an overview of the finalists: G2 and FPX – The best LoL teams in the world.

12:21 pm: G2 founder Carlos "Ocelote" Rodriguez interviewed Sjokz: "We got this!"

12:18 pm: The atmosphere in the AccorHotels Arena is already seething. LEC legend Romain Bigeard fuels the crowd in a stylish Spartan outfit with baguette spear. AHU!

12:15 pm: 45 minutes to the opening ceremony – Again this year Riot has launched a song for it, including skin series in the game. We expect a spectacular performance with a lot of CGI.

12:08 clock: Little info about the pick'ems: Until the final of the LoL Worlds 2019, only three players managed to predict all matches of the tournament correctly. Who is right in the final, wins all Ultimate Skins, the League of Legends has to offer.

12:05 clock: The preliminary report is running. Of course, the Cold Opener also includes a baguette. Finally, the spectacle takes place in the middle of Paris. So if you want to party in style today: 50 minutes left to get you an oblong pastry piece.

12:00 o'clock: Already in the run-up to the endgame G2 proves that they are masters in the trash talk. Whether in the finale God-Midlaner G2 Claps awaits us or in the end a disappointing G2 Craps comes up. The 21-year-old Dane has a clear opinion:

+++ Hello and welcome to our live ticker for LoL Worlds Final 2019 in Paris, Europe's Hope G2 competes against Chinese newcomers FPX. Will the best EU team of all time win the crown in their own living room or will the Middle Kingdom take their place on the E-Sport Throne for the second time in a row? On November 10, 2019, we'll let you know about every tactical subtlety, powerplay, and fallen nexus.

LoL Worlds Final: G2 Esports wants the Grand Slam mentality could spoil everything

The scene says: G2 Esports is that best European team ever, And it's exactly this kind of team that needs it LoL Worlds Final 2019 to win. After all, Europe won the title for the last time eight years ago, when everlasting G2 rival Fnatic won the very first League of Legends World Cup. The motivation should not fail, because G2 would one with a victory over FPX set up a unique record, Never before had a European team managed to achieve, within a year, all national and international competitions to win. After the troop around their German coach Fabian "GrabbZ" Lohmann dominated the domestic league (LEC) four times in a row and emerged in the middle of the year also at the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) as a champion, only one victory to perfection is missing – the Grand Slam in League of Legends,

If it goes by expert opinion, only one factor can be the victory of G2 in the LoL Worlds Final 2019 prevent: Your own mentality, In the domestic league, the European superteam has been so superior that "Caps", "Perkz" and Co. are on the side Reputation as a bad boy earned in the competitive League of Legends. On Twitter, players like to dare the important matches Tightrope walk between trash talk and unsportsmanship Everything under one "We-are-the-best mentality"G2 founder Carlos "Ocelote" Rodriguez openly communicates as the team's image. Jokingly Bot-Laner "Perkz" in the run-up to the Enspiel, for example, a brilliant plan against the opponent via Twitter shared. But also in the game the team meets occasionally untypical decisions. Because the players are usually one step ahead of their counterpart, as far as the individual class is concerned, they often go unnecessary risks which become unthinkable in a Korean team. Maybe it is exactly this Playfulness and creativity, the G2 Esports ultimately to the title in the LoL Worlds Final 2019 helps. G2 provokes, flips and is therefore one of the most popular teams.

LoL Worlds Final: Newcomer FPX – From zero to 100 at the top

On the other side is FunPlus Phoenix blank slate of the international scene, The relatively young Chinese team was founded in the winter of 2017, but the first successes took a long time to come. Only in the Spring Split of the two-part season 2019, the team appeared on the big stage of the domestic professional league (LPL). At that time, FPX was able to secure third place behind the still-world champion Invictus Gaming and JD Gaming. The big breakthrough came about a year after its founding Mid-laner Kim "Doinb" Tae-sung and Jungler Gao "Tian" Tian-Liang came to the roster of the club. Just like G2, FPX dominated the current season with 13 wins in just one defeat and goes into the match after a 3-1 semi-final LoL Worlds Final 2019, It is also interesting that both teams shine in similar areas.

FunPlus Phoenix is ​​an LPL team in the game system. Being in focus aggressive moves early in the game and flawless team fightsto bring matches to a quick end. For surprises in the endgame especially the Duel in the mid-lane to care. Both Rasmus "Caps" Winther and his opponent "Doinb" are for her big champion pool known and could be a few unusual picks for the LoL Worlds Final 2019 bring. Since both players in the semifinals "Ryze" discovered for themselves, so it is quite possible that the blue rapid fire Mage in the final of the Bannhammer victim falls. That opens creative possibilities in the mid-lane, In the end, the only question is: Can G2 the opponent with i
individual strength Override or remain the team at the flawless teamfight presence of FPX hang?

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