Tickets are running out! There are only two places left for Liguilla


The triumph of the Lion over Toluca threw us into the sixth place in the Liguilla for the title in this Opening 2019, leaving only two tickets available, who are playing eight squads, although this Sunday that list can be reduced.

Saints, classified from the previous day, he saw how on Friday night America joined him with his triumph over Veracruz, as well as Necaxa, Tigres and Queretaro, still without having played their game on Saturday.

Necaxa added another three points by defeating St. Louis, Tigres accumulated one more for the draw with Pachuca and Gallos lost with Chivas, but with his ticket in hand.

Leon reached 30 units after defeating Toluca, who was already eliminated from the tournament.

This Sunday, Pumas (22 points) and Cruz Azul (20 points) can extend their hope for Liguilla against FC Juarez y Santos, respectively; the cement makers, in case of falling, could forget about this tournament and reduce the fight to six squads for two tickets.

If they win over the border, the university will visit Pachuca in 15 days, hoping that their victory will be combined with defeats by Morelia and that Monterrey does not win or Cruz Azul, as long as the celestial ones are still alive.

The Machine, in addition to defeating Santos this week and San Luis in J19, requires losses of Monterrey and Tijuana on the last date to be eighth overall.

But the scenarios will be clarified a bit this Sunday and will end up being defined up to 15 days, as the FIFA Date is coming to put a little more suspense on the outcome of the Regular Opening Phase 2019.

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By Carlos Daniel Flores

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