Tomateros remains alone at the top and Aguilas sinks at the bottom


Culiacan, Sin.- After the results that the five clashes threw at the start of the eighth series of the 2019-2020 season of the Mexican Pacific League, Tomateros de Culiacan was again without company at the top of the stand, after beating the Caneros de Los Mochis and take advantage of defeat of Charros de Jalisco.

The cherries also benefited that Naranjeros de Hermosillo spun his third consecutive defeat, now against Mayos de Navojoa.

Then Direct line presents a summary of the day on Friday:

Monterrey's pitching looks again and he
takes the first of the 3-2 series at the Sultan Palace

Culiacan, Sin.- The series of expansion teams of the Mexican Pacific League began with a 3-2 victory by the Sultanes of Monterrey over the Guasave Cottons, which saw a streak of three consecutive victories stopped.

Again, the pitching team of those from the northern sultana was the key to the favorable result, since between the winner Jason Urquidez (1-0) and four relievers limited in just three hits to the blue and white batting. Urquidez, in his first opening of the season, threw 5 blank entries with 2 hits and 3 strikeouts.

The defeat
went to the numbers of Teddy Stankiewicz (2-2), who left in 21 entries the
streak without allowing runs; his work was 5.1 innings of 6 unstoppable, 3
runs and pair of strikeouts. Five serpentineros paraded after the leaflet
of the Boston Red Sox.

The Sonora deployed their offensive and managed to get
important victory at the start of the series at home of the current

Los Mochis, Sin.- Los Charros de Jalisco fell 7 runs by 14 against some dominant Yaquis of Ciudad Obregon at the start of the series at the Pan American Stadium, a duel attended by more than 12 thousand fans.

Brandon Cumpton took the victory after throwing two thirds for five innings, allowing 10 hits and seven scores; He gave a passport. He was relieved by Jesus Anguamea, Samuel Zazueta, Nathanael Santiago and Tomas Solis.

Cuban Elian Leyva was responsible for launching by the locals and completed 4
tickets and a third, they connected 11 unstoppable and accepted 8 races, in addition,
struck out 5 rivals; as relievers saw action Manuel Flores, Antonio
Hernandez, Salvador Valdez, Luis Ivan Rodriguez and Adrian Guzman.

Sebastian homered and triple to produce
five 9-4 races of his team at Emilio Ibarra

Los Mochis, Sin.- In the beginning it was a somersault game until in the eighth and ninth inning Sebastian Elizalde homered and triple to accumulate five 9-4 productions that favored the Culiacan Tomateros over Caneros de Los Mochis east Friday at Emilio Ibarra, during the start of the eighth regular role series.

The reliever Gerardo Sanchez (1-0) succeeded, he also lost the relay Jameson McGrane (0-1). With this result, the cherries reach 16-8 in the record, while the greens are 13-11 in wins and losses.

For this one
Saturday the appointment is at 6:00 pm with Aldo Montes programmed by Tomateros and
Yoanys Quiala by Caneros.

Those of the pearl of May achieved their third
victory consecutively, beating the Orangery 4-2 this time

Guasave, Sinaloa. – The Mayos de Navojoa continue in a big plan prior to the close of the first round of the Mexican Pacific League, after beating the Naranjeros de Hermosillo 4-2 in the first of the series and thus linking their third win consecutively in territory Sonoran

The victory was for Mitch Lambson, while the reverse fell on the arm of Veracruz Mendoza Luis Mendoza.

Saturday Mayos de Navojoa will receive the Naranjeros de Hermosillo in its stadium
to carry out the second game of the series, having as a pitching duel
Jorge Luis Castillo and Luis Payan at 7:30 p.m.

The Buenos Aires
they were fine on the offensive where they connected 10 unstoppable and got their
11th win of the campaign changed from 13 losses

Mazatlan, Sin.- Mazatlan's Venados novena continues its good run and demonstrated it by seizing the border after beating the Aguilas de Mexicali 5-1, and thus linking its fifth win in a row within the Mexican Pacific League (LMP) season 2019-2020.

The red opener Kodai Hamaya, wore on the hill and pocketed his first success with the Venados flannel (1-0) where he threw a play by admitting a single, the Japanese had a six-inning job, did not admit career, gave away four bases and struck out four rivals. They relieved him; Ivan Zavala and Gabino Avalos.

The defeat was for the right Marco Carrillo (0-2) who threw three innings two thirds, endured three hits, admitted three runs, gave away five bases, struck out three rivals and connected a home run. They replaced it; Juan Alvarado, Édgar Gomez, Jose Meraz, Jose Manuel Lopez, Rodolfo Aguilar and Mario Meza closed.

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