Toto Wolff: "No reason for Lewis to be able to aim for a seventh title"


In view of the undivided domination of Mercedes these last seasons, and before the possible upheaval of 2021 with the new technical regulation, the prospect of seeing Lewis Hamilton to win a seventh title in 2020 appears as a logical continuity.

If Mercedes could not count on such a dominant car as it was at the beginning of the V6 Turbo / Hybrid Power Units in 2014 this year, the German team has once again distinguished itself by its mastery of the race. , especially strategically, when Ferrari has repeatedly misguided in its choices.

For Toto Wolff, boss of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport, this series can be expected to continue in 2020, if his troops provide a continuous effort. "There's a reason why Michael Schumacher's record still stands: the difficulty.

I think that if we are able to provide the drivers a good car next year, which is competitive, continue to work on our shortcomings, try to minimize mistakes, and that Lewis has a good season, there is no reason for him to be able to target a seventh title.

He's flying just so fast. This is where talent meets great pressure to improve all the time, behind the scenes. This combination allows him to stand out in his generation. "

Internal competition

Despite a promising start to the campaign, Valtteri Bottas was unable to maintain his momentum throughout the season, falling back in line fairly quickly against his British teammate. According to Toto Wolff, an explanation remains possible for the lack of consistency in the first-ever results for the Finn.

"I think with Valtteri there is a better way to handle this problem (the contract renewal for 2020). In retrospect, you can say that it probably had an effect.

And I will try to think about it and do a better job in that regard. I think the door is wide open in 2021. No driver is under contract with a team. It's super exciting, and I guess the driver's waltz will start soon. "

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