Toulouse: Antoine Kombouare "did not recognize his team" during the defeat conceded to Montpellier – Foot – L1 – Toulouse


Antoine Kombouare (Toulouse coach, beaten 3-0 at Montpellier): "There is not much to remember from this game. Beyond the score, very severe, I did not like the way. I did not recognize my team. We are able to do a lot better. It is not a tactical issue, but it is a problem of defensive engagement as offensive. We had the duels. We were passive. We were stepped on. I did not like that. It's cruel because I do not feel that Montpellier was very dangerous. Only he was very direct. It weighed before we cracked. Montpellier shot three shots and scored three times. It's very hard. When one is relegated, one must do much better in the engagement. Moreover, we were able until then to be more dangerous, and especially to score. It's a stop. "

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