Trade talks with China for Trump "way too slow"


US President Donald Trump has complained about the speed of trade talks with China. The talks went ahead, but slowly, "way too slow for me," Trump said yesterday at the military airbase Joint Base Andrews outside of Washington.

He reiterated that especially China is interested in an agreement: "If it is not a great deal, I will not do it."

Contradictory statements

The more than a year-long conflict between the United States and China – the world's two largest economies – has given rise to conflicting signals.

On Thursday, statements from the Chinese side gave the impression that both sides had agreed to gradually withdraw existing punitive tariffs as progress was made in the negotiations. However, Trump said Friday that there was no agreement to lift existing punitive tariffs under a proposed partial agreement.

In October, Trump announced a general agreement on a partial agreement. However, it is completely unclear where and when it could come to a signing and whether the trade war is thus defused sustainably. The conflict has slowed economic growth in both countries and is slowing down the global economy.

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