Trade Union vs. Sport Huancayo heavy rain unleashed Moyobamba full match Tournament Clausura Decentralized VIDEO


Everything was going normally, but nature is unpredictable. And of course, the players of Union Comercio and Sport Huancayo had no choice but to adapt to the heavy rain that broke out in Moyobamba. Undoubtedly, the phenomenon surprised everyone, including fans who attended the sports venue.

Minutes before the end of the first half, a heavy rain broke out on the playing field. The game, of course, was not paralyzed, but the situation complicated the players, facing the shots and the elaborate moves.

The heavy rain that broke out in full Union Trade vs. Sport Huancayo. (Video: GOLPERU)

Union Comercio and Sport Huancayo fight to qualify for an international event. On the one hand, Moyobamba urge a victory after adding two defeats in the Clausura Tournament. While the "Red Matador" will try to shake off a bad run.

On the other hand, many Peruvian soccer fans wonder if this situation will be repeated in the Binational vs.. Alianza Lima, which will be played in Juliaca. This is a key game for both teams, who fight to take over the Clausura Tournament.

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