Tradition: "This is the first vegetarian Saint-Martin in the Jura!" – Switzerland


A ratatouille empanada planted on its fork, French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand (73) celebrated Saint-Martin at Auberge Saint-Hubert in Mormont, a three-star Courchavon hotel. Pig without pig, it's great! "he exclaimed in the heart of the party ajoulote.

A vegetarian at the pig party? "This is the first vegetarian Saint-Martin of the Jura!", Laughs the former politician Pierre Kohler, who presents in his museum of Porrentruy a retrospective of the earth seen from the sky by YAB.

In the kitchen, the son of the national councilor Jean-Paul Gschwind (PDC) saw double: the jelly of household side restaurant face the aspic of vegetable side room, the boudin vis-a-vis empanada, the atrial against the mushrooms and the sauerkraut vs the lenses.

"Thank you very much"

"Thank you so much for eating vegetarian tonight," said Yann Arthus-Bertrand to the best contributors to the Popa Museum in Porrentruy, gathered around him for a vegetarian menu imposed by Pierre Kohler, called "Greta Suisse" by his host. ..
The photographer left the table crossing the sommelieres who served the middle shot to the damassine. Not out of boredom, but to animate a succession of visits of his exhibition.

In Porrentruy, above all, Yann Arthus-Bertrand took the time to visit a biogas plant that produces heat and electricity by treating manure and manure. From the factory, the sight of a vast field of therapeutic cannabis shocked him. But the photographer was not there to take pictures from above.

98 images

For its visitors, Yann Arthus-Bertrand put on his journalist clothes. He has deciphered for them the 98 images exhibited at the Museum of Optical Art founded by Pierre Kohler, including his famous Voh heart sketched in 1992 in New Caledonia. "We have lost the battle against climate change," he warned, promising to soon fly, he who pilot hot air balloons.

On three floors, wild animals are entitled to large halls. The images of farm animals, given their reduced size, are placed in a corridor. For "Le Matin", Yann Arthus-Bertrand looked at "Western White Pig", a portrait of a two-year-old animal.

Then he agreed to answer a few questions:

The white pig that you photographed in 1990, you would eat it in 2019

"It would not bother me at all to eat an animal that was raised in a normal way! Animals kept outside and not piled on top of each other. Do you know what surface a pig has to live his life? Of 0.8 m2! He will live only three months, but I want to eat an animal that has lived a year, happy to run in the fields … "

We are in the heart of St. Martin …

"That a pig is bred to be eaten does not bother me, provided he is killed in a proper way. Do not go 300 kilometers to the slaughterhouse, where he will be shot in a terrible way. We make them suffer by raising them like that. A pig, it's super smart, hyper smart! He deserves respect and a good life … "

But everything is good in the pig …

"I loved offal, pig's feet, roasted pig ears. But I made the choice to stop eating meat. "

Are the landscapes you photograph from above shaped by livestock less than by agriculture?

"The problem is that in the pig factories, which are not necessarily seen in Switzerland, the animals are fed on Brazilian soybeans. Pigs, cows, poultry: 60% of French breeding depends on Brazilian soybeans. We are ranting against the Brazilian president because of deforestation, but as soon as we eat industrial meat, we contribute somewhere to this deforestation. "


"Wait! There is a big difference with the animal that is produced on site. Problem: the pig has always been an animal that has been produced in fenced areas, between walls. We never respected it much, that's it. We do not respect the animals enough, with all they gave us. "

Where is the rocker that made you vegetarian?

"This is the moment when the activist you are aware that industrial farming is largely responsible for greenhouse gases. I continued to fly, I continued to drive my car, I did nothing but bullshit, but I try to change. At 73, it's time, I'm late … "

Vincent Donze

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