Triumph of Lisa Mazzone and Carlo Sommaruga for states in Geneva –


On the evening of the first round, the PLR Hugues Hiltpold and the PDC Beatrice Hirsch was about 15,000 behind Lisa Mazzone and Carlo Sommaruga. So the right-wing duo should rake voices far beyond their electorate to be able to hope for a positive result next month.

Now, theUDC decided to maintain in the second round the candidacy of the national councilor Celine Amaudruz, who arrived just behind the PLR-PDC ticket on Sunday. The MCGFor its part, has withdrawn the candidacy of Francois Bartschi, while calling to support Celine Amaudruz in the second round.

The Geneva right, absent from the Upper House since the departure of the Radical Francoise Saudan 12 years ago, is likely to miss his bet to defeat the pink-green alliance.

The Green Liberal Party of Switzerlandwho have made their place on the political scene in Geneva by sending one of their own to the National Council, were also expected at the turn. Training, sensitive to environmental issues, but close to the traditional right on societal issues, had a tough choice to make. It finally gave up a seat in the States and opted for the freedom of vote for the second round, none of the candidates still in contention having convinced the base.

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