Troyes – The stage of the Dawn closed until further notice!


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Troyes – The stage of the Dawn closed until further notice!

This Sunday night, theAFP announced the closure of Dawn Stadium until further notice. A decision of the agglomeration community of Troyes Champagne Metropole, owner of the place. Indeed, as the local community indicates, " it was noted a fault of assembly on the upper band of the cover of the tribune Seine, side trojan supporters During a test on October 31st.

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In fact, a consulting firm was commissioned by the agglomeration community " in order to carry out a more in-depth examination of this gallery as well as the Vitoux forum which shares the same year of construction. The defect found on the Seine tribune is the same as that of the Vitoux tribune. In fact, the consulting firm has " recommended temporary ban on stadium access to the public. "

Troyes-FBBP 01 reversed, what about Troyes-Lorient?

Are announced " works " in the near future. In fact, the 7th round of the French Cup between ESTAC and the FBBP 01 has been reversed. It will take place on Friday, November 15th in Ain. Uncertainty hovers over the venue of the match of the 15th day of League 2, enter Troyes and Chambly Friday, November 22nd.

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