TSV 1860: Ismaik with decision to search for Bierofka successor


The nightmare of the fans of 1860 Munich has come true: coach Daniel Bierofka has resigned from office. But Hasan Ismaik is hoping for a comeback.

  • Daniel Bierofka and the TSV 1860 Munich go separate ways.
  • The Lion coach is considered a fan favorite, now the club is first there without a head coach.
  • The controversial investor Hasan Ismaik has already responded and pushes the decision makers the buck.

Update from November 9, 2019, 5:17 pm:

The lions announced on Saturday enforcement: The TSV

1860 has a new coach!

Update from November 7, 9:53 pm: After the departure of LOwen coach Daniel Bierofka looking for the TSV 1860 Munich for a new coach. At the same time, investor Hasan Ismaik does not want to interfere. This is what Ismaik said in an interview with Bayerischer Rundfunk. Thus, the investor claims to draw the consequences of cooperation with the club in recent years. The TSV had "50 + 1 pulled several times", so Ismaik now wants to "keep out". Next Ismaik said reproachfully: The TSV had vergrault Bierofka and thus lost the largest capital in 1860. The consequences now have to be borne by the club.

TSV 1860: Ismaik makes hope for Bierofka comeback – and draws comparison with star coach

Update from November 6, 19:14:
Daniel Bierofka and the TSV 1860 Munich So go now separate ways. investor Hasan Ismaik Does not taste that at all – he made his displeasure in said interview (see below) now air.

The first excerpts of the conversation were broadcast by Bayerischer Rundfunk on Wednesday evening. Darin says Ismaik: "I have made every effort to obtain the opinion of Daniel Bierofka to change. He did not want that – and I understand that because he and his family were treated badly by the club. "

TSV 1860 and Daniel Bierofka split up – Hasan Ismaik draws comparison with Jurgen Klopp

He further explained: "The reins are not in the hands of the Bureau or other committees, but in Pro1860 and the Ultras. Both have their own ideology and try to influence different thinking fans. I feel sorry for President Reisinger because he no longer has any decision-making powers. "

Ismaik keeps Bierofka Nevertheless, for a first-class instructor – and dares to compare with the currently best coach from Germany: "Daniel can in my opinion one day become a great German coach. I see similar qualities and traits of a good coach – just like Jurgen Klopp, "emphasizes Ismaik, Klopp is currently the non plus ultra of the English Premier League with Liverpool and won the Champions League this summer.

After emotional club announcement: Ismaik logs in and gives hope for "Biero" comeback

Update from November 6, 6:00 pm: Hasan met on Tuesday evening Ismaik as announced with Daniel Bierofka in the Munich Nobel Hotel Mandarin Oriental for a (futile) conversation. Subsequently, the Jordanian was allowed to spread the statement on the social networks, in which he put all "decision makers, no matter whether KGaA or e.V." a "dangerous ideology".

Ismaiks Hope: The case of the German 50 + 1- rule, whose ineffectiveness would make him the decision maker in the 1860-Profi-KGaA. If so, it would be a rushing Bierofka-Comeback made a deal. At least for Ismaik,

Update 23:25: The club management took their time until late in the evening. At 11.11 pm the e-mail arrived: "The TSV 1860 Munich and Daniel Bierofka end the cooperation with immediate effect", is printed in bold letters in the subject line.

Bierofka has asked the management for "personal reasons to the dissolution of his contract," it says. Michael Scharold, the commercial director, honors Bierofkas merits. He had been the "anchor for the staggering ship" after relegation to the Regionalliga. The thanks for his commitment could "not be big enough".

Managing Director Sport, Gunther Gorenzel, can be cited with emotional words: "I find it very difficult to accept the decision of Daniel Bierofka, but the respect for the people and for what he has achieved demands that the wishes of the trainer be met. I will never forget the rise in May 2018 in my life. "

Shareholder Hasan Ismaik calls Bierofka a "hero" in the press release. He stands "like no other for 1860". Unfortunately, you could not change him anymore. Robert Reisinger regrets the "very sad news" for 1860. "Daniel is the face of the club".

The club management wanted now in the next few days "meticulously probing the market" to find a suitable successor for Bierofka. "A solution with me on the sidelines will not exist, it deserves the respect for Daniel," said Gorenzel.

Daniel Bierofka denies lightning change to other club: "No !!!"

Update 22:17: So far, the lions have not managed to officially confirm Bierofka's resignation – allegedly because the Ismaik side refuses to sign the dissolution agreement. Oliver Beer, the alleged interim coach, referred at noon to a statement by sports director Gunther Gorenzel – which, however, was slow in coming. In Halle Beer and Gorenzel will take care of the professional team. Beer holds an A license and Gorenzel is a trained football teacher. One thing is clear: Bierofka renounced by his withdrawal on a lot of money, after all, his chief contract would have been valid until 2022. It is possible that an external trainer will be required after Halle.

Any basis, on the other hand, is lacking in speculation that Bierofka might be able to free himself from the post 1. FC Nuremberg take. His answer to a question: "No !!!"


Update from November 5, 2019, 19:34: The exact background of the resignation of Daniel Bierofka are still unclear, now it is already the first offer for the coach. As Sport1 wants to know, the coach should be a desirous candidate for the succession of the fired Damir Canadi. Accordingly, there should have already been discussions.

Update from 5. November 2019, 17.02 clock: Munich – As parts of the team met for lunch, little hinted that this Tuesday was a new low in the history of the TSV 1860 will go. The Schafkopfrunde to Stefan Lex looked concentrated in the cards, here and there was also laughed. Even the cold Sascha Molders sat in the middle of civilian life. The theme of the day seemed to have stayed in front of the glazed door of the Lion's Nest. This had been announced since the weekend: TheWithdrawal from Daniel Bierofka (40) from his heart association.

Daniel Bierofka leaves the training grounds of the lions with reddened eyes.

© sampics / Stefan Matzke / Stefan Matzke

Still nothing official: TSV 1860 overwhelmed with the situation

Nothing was official until then because the situation seemed to overwhelm everyone on TSV 1860. One managing director after the other wordlessly searched the width (which was not true for some fans who cursed Gunther Gorenzel). The decision was confirmed in a heartbreaking way. Nicole Bierofka, the trainer's wife, showed up just before 1pm outside the office and when asked if the dice had been dropped, said, "I think so …" She could not bring more, because the next moment her tears shot into her Eyes. Her husband too, Daniel Bierofka, the decision was anything but easy. "It hurts," he had already said on Monday tz, confirmed his decision, which he wanted to tell the team first, and announced that he would let no one change his mind. "It's over," Bierofka explained, showing how bitter he is after all the intrigues that put him out of office.

Characteristic of the special environment, from which Bierofka has now removed itself, was already the past weekend. Clearer than the coach you can hardly ring the alarm bell. "For a long time I do not look at this anymore", the coach had said after the 4-2 home victory against Cologne – and yet, according to his presentation, nobody from the club managed to report to the deeply injured coach. None exceptAntony Power, the governor of Hasan Ismaik, The investor has even flown in to influence the trainer of his trust. In the end, Ismaik had no choice but to scour the madness with sharp words. For months, Bierofka had been "bullied", wrote Ismaik on his Facebook page: "For me, this is a shame that I can not put into words."

Assistant coach Oliver Beer as new manager?

How to continue? The obvious reflex of sports director Gorenzel was, assistant coach Oliver Beer (without football teacher license) to transfer responsibility for Bierofka's team; he himself would then probably act as a team leader. The players Beer should have suffered better than Bierofka. Even with Gorenzel the coach had plenty of differences since he was promoted to CEO. Bierofka accused the Styrian of having undermined his authority.

Bierofkas The original plan was to sit in Halle for the last time on the bench and retire only in the international break. That this was thought a bit naive, was already at noon. The discussion that took place at the office followed shortly afterwards by the immediate cut. Bierofka trudged with his jacket and lion backpack to his car at 2:08 pm. No comment – and he too with reddened eyes.

The training in the afternoon then fell out – also significantly without official explanation.

Uli waiter

Big bang at the TSV 1860: Coach Daniel Bierofka resigns

News from 5. November 2019, 11.46 am:

Munich – The TSV 1860 Munich and coach Daniel Bierofka go their separate ways. The coach resigned on Tuesday.

Daniel Bierofka and the TSV 1860 Munich – is this chapter finished? The great-lion still led the morning training on Tuesday – then he told the team that he was not longer Trainer the blue is.

Coach Daniel Bierofka: Resignation at TSV 1860 Munich?

Recently, there was always speculation about one Bierofka-off both lions, For the fans a real nightmare, after all, applies Bierofka as an identification figure par excellence. On Saturday, the TSV 1860 in the third league took another important victory against Viktoria KOln.

Bierofka misses at the lions apparently the backing of the club's leadership. He had complained in the summer that those responsible did not strive hard enough for new players. At the same time he had to fight discussions about his supposedly too high salary.

From the side of the association, there is no official confirmation, continue to be only rumors. But in the social networks, the reactions of the fans are already piling up. That "Biero" the lions after the crash took over in the Regionalliga, the fans have not forgotten him.

Daniel Bierofka: Out with the lions? Hasan Ismaik reacts

Meanwhile, investor has Hasan Ismaik reported via his facebook channel. In his current post he writes: "I'm horrified by what methods Daniel Bierofka at the TSV 1860 is damaged. For months, our coach is bullied. For me, that's a shame I can not put into words. "

He also talks about a "sneaky tactic" and people who "1860 deliberately want to harm ". Should the rumors be confirmed and Daniel Bierofka not more coaches when TSV 1860 Munich be – how will things continue?


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