TSV 1860 Munich vs. Hallescher FC: A bit of a wall fall


TSV 1860 Munich vs. Hallescher FC

A third-rate East-West encounter on 9th November. As our author has experienced his relapse into the curve of 1860 Munich.

People are in the fan curve of 1860 Munich

A curve, many shapes: Even at 1860 Munich is not together what belongs together Photo: imago images / Hartmut BOsener

The fall of the Berlin Wall was not a big topic in Halle on this 9th of November. Maybe a little bit. But also only in the second half of the third division match of TSV 1860 Munich at Halleschen FC. And all of them did not sing along when they said: "Ossischweine!" The response to the "Ostdeutschland!" Songs from the rostrum of the active fans of the Halleschen FC was a bit more fervent: "Southern Germany! Southern Germany! "Whether the author of these lines has been tuned into the vocals, that should not be further elaborated at this point.

He was on the bend again, just like back in the 80s, when the time was good and old. From earlier there were still the Rupert and the Robert. After the 1: 0 of the Munich in the 39th minute you lay in the arms. In the curve you can not always choose who loves you. And so it may well be that you get wrapped around the arms of the one who has been critically eyeing the whole time.

Robert thought that the figure before him was familiar to him. He thinks he once saw her on the Marienplatz in Munich, as a folder of a thankfully pitiful Pegida rally. It does not all fit together, what is in the curve together.

One is a bit offside anyway. When you look at him, he gives you a friendly nod, as if you know each other. Somehow that's the way it is. It is the club president who stands there on the edge of the guest block. Robert Reisinger will know very well that his appearance in the curve is a political statement.

To stand up to the sheikh

While investor Hasan Ismaik, who is hated in the bend, stops at a hotel Hof in Munich, where he has to pay 600 euros (without breakfast) for one night, he stands in the fan curve together with probably 900 Munich fans. That he offers "the sheikh" paroli, is well received by many fans. That he, too, could not prevent the worshiped coach Daniel Bierowka has thrown his job a week before, rather not.

"He dares something!", Say those who see him. Others go and take a selfie with Reisinger. "What must that be for idiots," say one again. The diehard Kurvensanger are themselves enough anyway. They hold up a wallpaper that reads: "No coach, no president, no investor is above the club! We are the club! "It gets particularly loud when the fans sing against Hasan Ismaik. They want "freedom for 60!". On a double holder someone has painted the face of Martin Luther King. "I have a dream", it says. He is concerned about the dream that Hasan Ismaik will one day leave in 1860.

Robert Reisinger is no longer in the curve at some point. That is no longer necessary. Everyone saw him. After the game you talk about the performance of the team. "They would have had to win the bottles 3: 0," says one, and then he is pleased when he is told that the lions have won. The shuttle buses that take fans from Munich to the station after the match are escorted by the police with several cars and blue lights.

"So they are the Ossis," says one and says that quite approving. "If it had been up to me," says one woman, "then reunification would not have needed it, but no one asked me." "Mei, Madl," one of them says, "30 years ago, there you were but not even in the world. "The addressed seems to think. "That's not so wrong," she says.

Because the main station in Halle is being built, only one toilet container is available for the passengers. The is too small for the onslaught of the fans. One last reason to rant once again on the "Ossischweine". Then it's back home.

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