Twenty years later, Queen Letizia returns to Havana


There was also time to take pictures in the Cathedral of Havana, and in El Malecon. Nor did they miss the opportunity to eat an ice cream in the famous Coppelia, something that the queen will not forget because while enjoying her cone she realized that I had lost a bracelet with great sentimental value for her. This was a great disgust and asked the rest of the friends to help him find it, but after a couple of hours they gave up.

Another of the less touristy stops that the then student Letizia Ortiz wanted to make was in the Havana neighborhood of San Francisco de Paula. There is Finca Vigia, a house stuck in the middle of a small forest that the author of The old man and the sea during his idyll with the Caribbean island. At present it is a museum dedicated to Hemingway in which, it seems, the three girls enjoyed it a lot, since it is – practically – just as the writer left it when he left Havana in 1960 to which he never returned because a year Then he took his life.

In the home of the Nobel Prize for Literature of 1954 is the famous swimming pool that he had built and in which he bathed naked and, what the current queen liked most, a library with more than 9,000 copies of books that impressed a lot Young Letizia, 22 years old.

After knowing everything I wanted to know about the Hemingway-Cuba relationship, the Queen enjoyed three days of relaxation and revelry with her friends in a hotel on the Varadero coast. Upon his arrival in Madrid, he told everyone how much he had liked the experience and the desire he had to repeat it, but surely he never imagined that it would be the way he will do from next Monday: as queen Consort of Spain.

On this second visit to the Castro Island, Letizia will not be able to take the agenda as she would have liked, according to several sources told El Espanol. It will be four intense days in which the Kings will spend three in Havana and one – with an idea and return on the same day – in Santiago de Cuba. “I tell you that if she could have decided something things would have been done differently, but this is not a cultural visit. This is a State Trip that is decided with the Government and the Minister of Foreign Affairs at the head: We have little acting maneuver this time, ”an anonymous source added to that newspaper.

Among the things that Letizia would have liked to do and that she won't be able to do is have some kind of encounter with the Cuban dissent. What they will have, the King and she, is a private audience with representatives of civil society not related, "although not confronted" with the regime, says the Crown worker. The appointment will have the same format as the one kept by the president Pedro Sanchez when he visited Havana, in November last year, attended by artists, intellectuals, bloggers, hotel business owners or actors such as Jorge Perugorria. “What the Queen has asked is to meet Leonardo Padura, which was the Princess of Asturias Award a couple of years ago and with which he maintains a good friendship ”highlights the same source from Zarzuela.

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