Twiteros in Nicaragua denounce coup in Bolivia


Through the social network Twitter militants of the left denounce in Nicaragua the coup d'etat consummated in Bolivia against the constitutional president of that country, Evo Morales.

The 6.2 Communicators Network of the Sandinista Youth stated that "To prevent opposition violence from continuing to leave victims in the nation, Evo Morales announces his resignation to the Presidency of the country."

The user Sandinista Mariposa pointed out 'We will return and we will be millions brother @evoespueblo. Your renunciation hurts us in the soul, but you will come back stronger #EvoElMundoContigo '.

His retirement is for his people for the sake of maintaining peace and the return of security in #BoliviaUnida, no more violence or hate tactics of #mesa and #camachocorrupto, demands Ivys Fuentes, who identifies himself as @BuhoMestiza.

Rolman Mijail Molina (@MijailRolman), self-identified as the Sandinista cause said that 'Evo is an example of revolutionary, indigenous who managed to change the direction of his country to the paths of socialism. Evo is one of the greats of the great homeland. Until Victory Always companion!

The Sandinista Cat denounced that what happens to @evoespueblo is the responsibility of US imperialism including the @ONU_es, @OEA_oficial and all the fighters who saw the coup d'etat in their noses did not stop.

And the user of the bird network itself draws a parallel by stating: 'Chileans the future belongs to overthrow Pinera, the blows are legal it seems'.

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