Two police officers would have stolen a Santa Fe fan in full requisition in El Campin


The serious complaint was made by an amateur of the ‘cardinal’ set through her Twitter account. Agree With the woman, a uniformed man took a pair of headphones from his suitcase at high cost to one of his companions.

“While the National Police do the requisition in El Campin, they take advantage and steal people's things. From the suitcase of Sebas they took out ‘Airpods What a shame! ”Shared the follower of the albirrojo cadre on the social network.

Additionally, the fan of the Bogota team said that at the time they demanded to speak with one of the supervisors, The high school policeman handed the headphones to one of his classmates, who hid them.

Daniel Quintero and National fans

In the end, the woman said they were able to recover the ‘airpods, thanks to a person realizing that the second uniformed had kept them in one of his armpits. "He took her arm and they fell to the floor"he concluded.

It should be remembered that for this Saturday's commitment between capital and Valle del Cauca, considered high risk, the authorities placed a strong security device, which had 3 rings and more than 1,000 police.

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