Two punctual errors caused the defeat of America de Cali against Santa Fe


Many victories are built based on the performance of the archers, and unfortunately, there are also defeats that do.

This could explain the fall of Saturday of America in El Campin (2-1) against Santa Fe, who took advantage of the start of the home runs to prolong his good streak in the championship.

A great start of the scarlet set, which had already defeated the cardinals on the 7th of the regular phase, was not enough, since a mistake by Neto Volpi, goalkeeper of the 'Devil', allowed the locals to get ahead of minute 34 .

After a center of the left-back capital Edwin Herrera, Volpi had a very bad start, which allowed Fainer Torijano, also a scorer in the game of all against all, to open the scoring.

Before, the red vallecaucano had been able to go up on the scoreboard, but its inefficiency and the good saves of Leandro Castellanos, a Santander goalkeeper, prevented it.

The first action came through Marlon Torres, with a header that was slightly deflected, at minute 2.

At 27, minutes before the opening of the scoreboard, the insistence of Duvan Vergara and Michael Rangel translated into goal danger.

Rangel, who was very good at the pivot, took a great half-turn shot from the goal area, but Castellanos responded.
In the rebound, Rafael Carrascal again demanded the capital goalkeeper, who was very sure.

The goal of Santa Fe changed the process of the game, but America tried to match the contest based on self-esteem.

In 40, a header from Michael Rangel, after a corner kick, was grazing the left post of the arc defended by Castellanos.

In the second half, Santa Fe imposed the conditions of the game and the momentum of America was not enough to reverse the situation.

The second goal of the locals was born from a bad corner shot by Rafael Carrascal, in the 60th minute – another error of the Americas -, which sought to reach 13 consecutive dates without losing – with 10 wins on board.

Jefferson Duque rejected the ball, which reached halfway to the area of ​​Santa Fe, and it reached the feet of Jhon Velasquez, who started a devilish run, in which Daniel Quinones could only look at the number.

Before an America focused on the attack, Bogota arrived in numerical superiority to the area of ​​the Valle del Cauca, where Velasquez attended Maicol Balanta, who with a pass to the net put the 2-0.

The process of the game remained favorable to Santa Fe, so Guimaraes gave Yesus Cabrera and Cristian Alvarez admission, instead of Matias Pisano and Carlos Sierra.

A center of Cabrera, 79, was interrupted by a hand of Edwin Herrera, so the central Santiago decreed penalty.

Rangel took charge of the charge, which did not hesitate and reached 100 goals in his career. In the final ten minutes, the Guimaraes pressed, but it was not enough to score. The victory was for the direct game of Santa Fe.

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