UEFA prepares the Champions League final … in New York!


The next final of the Champions League, next May, 2020, it will be held in Turkey, at Ataturk Olympic Stadium from the overpopulated Istanbul. Also those of 2021, 2022 and 2023, which will be based St. Petersburg, Munich and Londonrespectively. There is no news there, it is something that was already known since September, but it is what UEFA plans for the edition of four years from now, in 2024, leading the final and dispute over the Ear away from the old continent, specifically to American soil … to New York!

As they claim in Morning Consult, the European football organization is already working on the possibility of carrying the Champions League final to New Yorksince this one would have been starting conversations with your business partners to those who would be transferring this possibility to find support, being the first time that the competition on non-European soil would be disputed.

Swiss agency TEAM Marketing AG would be behind the first links between UEFA corporate partners. The agency is the commercial representative of the European estate and would have begun by touching the most important links related to the organization, pointing to NY is in the goal to organize the final of 2024, where someone will raise the Ear. Apparently the MetLife Stadium, in New Jersey, I would have many options to host the meeting, home of the New York Giants and the New York Jets American football

The aforementioned medium bets on already advanced negotiations to be held on given American soil the little "shyness" that have had since the UEFA to discuss this possibility with interested parties, procedures that have been taken by email in part, an idea that has already transpired during the past year, when the executive director of Mediapro commented that he was "investigating the feasibility".

In the last weeks, UEFA granted the television rights of clubs, as well as the Champions League from 2021 to 2024, to CBS Corp. and Univision Communications Inc. for American media. Apparently, these would be marketing the three-year package of these rights with the icing on a European final on American soil, something that would join these first approaches by TEAM Marketing AG.

By The league there was already a failed attempt to bring a match to the United States, the Girona-Barca; although the pre-seasons of the greats of Europe have been linked to the USA for some years with some nerve, traveling the country with the International Champions League. This could be another step from Europe to the American soil.

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