Ukraine: Brazilian Taison is expelled after receiving racist insults | Shakhtar Donetsk | Dynamo of Kiev


The great duel in the Ukrainian league between Shakhtar Donetsk and the Kiev Dynamo was marked by the expulsion of the Brazilian striker Taison, who saw the red for facing the rival crowd after being a victim of racist insults.

The Shakhtar captain, a club he arrived in 2012, left the court crying, like his compatriot Dentinho, also a victim of racist insults by Dinamo fans and who also cried on the court according to the images of the game published on social networks.

The match between the current champion and the second of the last championship ended with the victory of Shakhtar, who played at home, 1-0, which brings him closer to the objective of revalidating the title, by beating Zorya by 12 points.

The play that marked the game came in the 74th minute, when Taison played a ball on the left side of the Shakhtar attack, committing a foul on an opponent.

At that time, tired of receiving racist insults from Dynamo fans who were in that area of ​​the stadium, Taison made an offensive gesture (raising his middle finger) and after snatching the ball from the rival goalkeeper, kicked it towards the swollen rival .

The referee expelled, according to the Ukrainian press, for "unsportsmanlike behavior" to the Brazilian striker, who was initially dumbfounded. After being comforted by some rivals, Taison left the court crying.

"Right now I want to absolutely support everyone who suffers from racism and the boys who suffered it today. Any sign of racism is absolutely unacceptable. It is and will be a shame for everyone," said Shakhtar Portuguese coach Luis Castro.

The champion club of Ukraine issued a statement to show its "categorical opposition to any manifestation and form of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and any intolerant act."

"There is no possible justification for insulting someone because of their skin color, religion or political beliefs," the club added. AFP

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