Union as it sings and laughs: KOpenick celebrates thanks to Andersson Mainz carnival


Mainz –

Narrhalla March in Mainz for the Ironies! The jecken days start only on November 11, so on Monday, but thanks to the outstanding triumvirate Trimmel-Andersson-Gikiewicz celebrate the KOpenicker with a 3: 2 (2: 0) success in Rheinhessen already "Meenzer Fassenacht": Union how it sings and laughs.

First away win. For the first time two threes in a row. A Sebastian Polter in the starting eleven as a double top alongside Sebastian Andersson. A keeper Rafal Gikiewicz, who keeps the Iron with his parades in the game and saved only before the residue and then several times before a connecting goal, which could have possibly overturned the game.

Three hits at exactly the right time. 80% is Marcus Ingvartsen's number one goal, as he massively pushed proprietor scorer Daniel Brosinski after Trimmel's flank (30 '). Two heads from Andersson (45. + 2/51.), Christopher Trimmel was the godfather for all three goals. "Today it lapped perfectly. We knew what we could achieve with our standards, "the captain exulted.

Union against Mainz

The Mainz Ridle Baku reacts after a missed chance.

Iron heart football, so what do you want more than this threesome? That was loud from the again with 2700 fans impressively filled Gasterangen to hear. Once again the city championship was sung there, accompanied by a banner, which reminded in the manner of the design of the Berlin state flag. Berlin is just red and white.

Trimmel explains: That's why we had to shiver

And so it sounded loudly from the throats, as at the end of the Unfortunately-Yet-Yet-Shivering match was clear that Union left the rival from the western part of the city in the table behind.

Sure, a snapshot only. But one that does the KOpenicker psyche good. Which makes her laugh loudly. "I know how much that means to the fans," said Trimmel after the final whistle. He knew, however, that the Union pros would have been very different in the Butt, if they had driven the thing to the wall, after the goals of Karim Onisiwo (81) and Daniel Brosinski (90 + 4).

"Of course we are satisfied, but when it gets so tight again, that of course has a bitter aftertaste," admitted the Osi and looked for the same reasons for the shivering, without wanting to condemn everything in good shape. "If an opponent has nothing to lose and their full-backs are so high, it may be a bit normal for them to be pushed in the back," the international argued for extenuating circumstances as far as the final phase was concerned.

Well, let him have it. 13 points after eleven games, eleventh place. "I'll be crazy!" To quote the legendary Edi Finger.

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