United bought it in 2013 for 12 million and now it costs 70 million


The sporting crisis in Manchester United forces him to invest money in the face of the next European winter market, that is to say at the end of the year, and there he will be able to do one of his worst operations in his recent history. This is the possible return to the "Red" club of Wilfried Zaha, the English end of Crystal Palace.

Happens that Wilfried Zaha was already at United, who bought it in January 2013 for 12 million of euros and let him borrow in his club at that time, the Crystal Palace, where he has been playing in recent years. In August of that 2013 Zaha (21 years old at the time) made his debut at United but was almost immediately ruled out by coach Moyes, who replaced Ferguson.

United paid him 12 million
in 2013; now it costs
70 million

After an assignment to Cardiff, in August 2014 Zaha returned to the Palace for a loan but finally bought it in February 2015 and has played since then.

Now United are very interested in repatriating him after his good seasons at Crystal Palace, where he scored 35 goals in his last five seasons. The amount to be paid will be around 70 million euros. For the modest London club, which bought it back in 2015 for 3.8 million, this will be a sensational operation.

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