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This Thursday the Essex police in the United Kingdom announced that a 28-year-old man identified as Justin jackson, was sentenced to three years and nine months of jail after throwing gasoline against eight agents during a police operation in May of this year.

The events occurred in the city of Basildon. That day the police responded to alert call on a motorcycle that crossed pedestrian areas to high speed.

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Thanks to the support of a police helicopter, They managed to locate her and tried to arrest the driver. It was a teenager, who was accompanied by other people. The agents They managed to stop him.

It is at that precise moment that Justin Jackson attacked 8 officers from behind throwing them the harmful liquid. From the helicopter they could have images of the moment in which the aggression begins.

Two of the victims they needed to be taken to hospital immediately because of the seriousness of his injuries, while the others were treated by the emergency service when presenting burns and irritation in the eyes. Despite the terrible aggression they suffered, the officers were able to return to their duties that same day.

Superintendent Jonathan Baldwin, who was one of the eight victims, told reporters: "The events of that day will always remain with me."

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He aggressor He was arrested when he returned home to change clothes. During the trial pleaded guilty.

In addition, he wrote a letter that was disseminated by local media, where he expressed his regret for what happened. "I was trying to calm the situation," he said. "I deeply regret what I have done and I can only imagine the fear they felt," he said in his letter quoted by Independent.

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On the other hand, the mother of the 47-year-old defendant, was found guilty for having threatened with a hammer several agents who were around, and received nine months in prison.

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