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Sports University | Against pain, nothing simpler than love. Against the bullets, nothing stronger than a sweat-soaked chest with cream t-shirt. Against uncertainty, nothing more certain than that final hug as a sign of union. University was a plane that won 3-0, returning to the Monumental – home of the final of the Copa Libertadores 2019– to clean his face, and near the end they broke a wing and almost went to bite. Even so, with all the criticisms that can rain, with all the memes or teasing of social networks, today he woke up and went to buy the most crunchy bread from the bakery as the sole leader of the Clausura tournament.

It hurts, bothers or bothers anyone. It will be until the final whistle of BinationalLima Alliance in Juliaca. And depending on this result will arrive tomorrow at Campo Mar ready to put together the plan of the weekend towards Cajamarca, the second of the three finals that yesterday began to win.

Three strokes

Sore 3-0 of Municipal Sports, the creams saw Ayacucho FC As the ideal opportunity for healthy wounds. However, there were many desires and few occasions. The trio Guarderas, Alfageme and Lavandeira sought to put in the middle a football base that facilitates the arrival of the ball to Alberto Quintero, Alejandro Hohberg Y Anthony Osorio.

At least the first 30 minutes, everything was desert near the arc of the Ayacuchanos. And it would have culminated without goals if it wasn't because Ernest Nungaray He sent a Quintero center inside his goal. The 1-0 was celebrated, but in the stands the long faces did not change.

At 55 ’, on that swing of emotions, Anthony Osorio -The ‘9’ to which half a stadium full of squints- floats away from the opposite area. Receive from Rafael Guarderas and touches Armando Alfageme. The steering wheel advances and does not doubt. He gives it to Alejandro Hohberg, who with a subtle touch is released from the brand and passes it to Quintero. The Panamanian reads the entire play in a single second. Go run free to Osorio and enable it. The ‘9’ criticized stays hand in hand against Grados, goalkeeper of Ayacucho FC. The Monumental hold their breath as in the whole week after the defeat against Municipal. Anthony is a cannon shot, but prefers to kick hard and with an outer edge. Goal. What a goal. Golazo "I, I, it's me," Osorio strikes his chest as he recognizes the bullets that fell and responding that there he is to answer with more shouts of goal.

Sports University He took over the game. He made a counter-attack weapon to liquidate and protected himself well in defense. At 88 ’, a play prepared between Quintero and Vasquez, in a free kick, allowed Alejandro Hohberg arrive free in the middle and return to the goal to score 3-0 of tranquility.

I'm going to stay with that it wasn't enough. A minute later, Montes put the discount and while the last minutes passed Prized was invented a penalty that Montes himself changed by 3-2.

Any adage of suffering belongs to the opposite path. The ‘U’ was corroded in the end but didn't stop fighting. The final whistle only opened the doors to the cry of triumph.

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