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When he learned to use Facebook tools well for 2012, Anthony Osorio He did not hesitate to publish a photograph of his room to show his fanaticism for Sports University. It shows the poster of the 2009 champions, who accompanied him on all nights of reflection after he arrived to train with the Santa Maria de Ica team. Of course, he – at that time – didn't even imagine that years later he would become the ‘9’ of Angel Comizzo.

Today, with 21 years on, Anthony is convinced to raise his first star with Sports University, as did the team of Juan Reynoso, who was commanded by Nolberto Solano and Carlos Galvan, two natural leaders whom Osorio still considers them idols.

Osorio's room. (Photo: Facebook)
Osorio's room. (Photo: Facebook)

Never got into a scandal and without falling into the excesses of statements, Osorio Work silently to continue considering Comizzo. His hours with the University psychologist, the talks with ‘Don’ Fidel ’, his‘ old man ’, have been fundamental so that he does not sink emotionally in the midst of so many criticisms for the irregular moment the club was experiencing. Turning overnight into German Denis' replacement was difficult.

If there is something we must rescue from the striker, he is not only a full-time professional, but also works for the love of University. It is one more fan. But not anyone. It is, therefore, a passionate who rejected, with 14 years of age, a juicy economic proposal of San Martin. And he did it just for the love of 'OR'.

Just a tip You have to take it slowly, calmly. Osorio it’s 9 ’and to get it out of the area would be to denature it and, above all, a nonsense for the future, when today we are still discussing who will be the next forwards of the future.

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