“Unmissable” and “positive”: the reaction of the international community following the call for new elections in Bolivia


“The Argentine Government unavoidably understands the decision of the Bolivian Government to call new elections and, for that, renew the integration of the Electoral Tribunal with transparency, ”the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. The Argentine authorities recalled that, together with Brazil, Colombia and the United States, "they requested from the beginning that the anomalies reported on October 20, the day the elections took place, be investigated, and supported the OAS audit." In addition, he expressed his hope that the nine elections "have all the guarantees of freedom and transparency so that the true voice and will of the Bolivian people can be known without distortion of any kind."

Meanwhile, the Uruguayan Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement in which “Values” the decision of the president of Bolivia, and said that "it follows with deep attention" the situation in Bolivia, "regrets the acts of violence" that have occurred there in recent days and "rejects threats to the breakdown of the current institutional order." The government of Tabare Vazquez also called "all political and social actors to end the violence and for the new electoral process to develop within the framework established in the Constitution and the Laws."

For its part, the US State Department asked the OAS to send a mission to Bolivia to ensure that the new elections convened are transparent. “We urge the @OAS_official to send a complete mission to ensure that the new elections are free and fair, and reflect the will of the Bolivian people,” wrote on Twitter the Acting Under Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Michael Kozak.

The European Union praised the decision of the Bolivian government. "We look forward to the announcement of the government to move quickly”In the realization of a“ new and timely electoral process make it credible and that it faithfully reflects the will of the people, ”said the head of European diplomacy, Federica Mogherini, in a statement. The EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs called “all parties, especially the authorities, to assume their democratic responsibilities and take appropriate decisions that allow a Quick reconciliation and avoid more violence"

In turn, the Spanish Government celebrated the call to elections and expressed the hope that this initiative will "restore confidence in the electoral process" Bolivian. In a statement, the Spanish Foreign Ministry encouraged Bolivian political actors to "work in institutional and peaceful ways" to make it possible, with this new call, "confidence in the electoral process as a channel for democratic expression of the popular will". The executive of the socialist Pedro Sanchez asked all of them "to refrain from acts that could promote the division between Bolivians and incite violence" and underlined his "full willingness to support these efforts to the extent required."

(With information from EFE and AFP)

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