UNUSUAL. Calais: a couple gets married at the hospital, in a maternity ward


A happy event took place on Saturday morning, in a maternity room at the Techer hospital in Calais. Stephane Bekaert, 50-year-old department manager and 30-year-old administrative agent Jorina Speville Hortense, were married there! "The wedding was scheduled, but the pregnant young mother was held in the hospital. If she came out of the hospital, she could put her pregnancy at risk"explains Caroline Hennion, director of the hospital center.

"Exceptional" in maternity

It is the article 75 of the civil code which authorizes the marriages outside a town hall "in case of serious impediment", with the agreement of the judicial authority and the guarantee that the marriage is public.That is why the door of the room had to remain open when Jorina and Stephane were married by Patricia Basset, deputy mayor of Calais in office of the civil status."We have had many occasions to celebrate marriages in the palliative care unit, because there is a form of emergencysays Caroline Hennion. But here it's totally exceptional in maternity! This is the first time I've heard of a situation like this in my career, and we are very happy of course to have been able to make this event happen!", added the director.

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