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Eleven o'clock is coming, the boat too. On the landing stage of the CGN, a crowd awaits a very special passenger. We can see his silhouette standing on the boat Savoy. The guest of honor of this crossing Évian-Ouchy is a sculpture of 2 and a half tons, for 10 meters high: Father Christmas Flottins. Created in 2018 by the artist Tiene Vanly, he is preparing to take his first steps in Lausanne. In a few minutes, the arrival of this man will seal the new partnership between Bô Noel Lausanne and the fabulous village of Flottins, Évian.

For thirteen years, hundreds of driftwood creatures have charmed the streets of Evian during the holiday season. They are made by artists, schools, individuals and local associations. This year, the event will feature 600 sculptures and will offer many free workshops and shows for children.

Famous in Haute-Savoie, this event is still unknown on the Swiss side of Lake Geneva. "Even if we have a lot of requests, it is extremely rare for us to lend one of our pieces," explains Alain Benzoni, the inventor of the Flottins village. But here we said yes right now! "It's a symbol of openness that offers great visibility to the fabulous village.

For his part, the director of Bô Noel, Florian Schmied, saw in this association a chance to recall the values ​​of its event, which will celebrate this year its 5th edition: "The Bô Noel is not just a market. We want to give more space to art so that it is first and foremost a cultural event, where people make discoveries. "

A good idea, since on Facebook, more than 750 people had said they were interested in docking the man of wood, his deer and deer. In the end, dozens of adults and children are at the rendezvous, wrapped in jackets and hats. Delighted, both organizers hope that this meeting will also highlight the ecological and local aspects of the events, since the wood comes mostly from Switzerland, from the mouth of the Rhone.

The boat approached, one distinguishes its green masts, its black hull and especially its imposing traveler. After a long crossing, the giant is admired. Smartphones rise to photograph him, while some young spectators sneak between the legs of their parents. They are approaching a doe of wood, now at hand. We comment on the sculpture and two little girls say that they no longer believe in Santa, before being called back and returning to warm up at home. Little by little, the others imitate them.

Florian Schmied and Alain Benzoni sit at the Lacustre, from where they have a breathtaking view of their great protege. They express the same desire to create a link between Evian and Lausanne in order to attract local and European tourists: "The Montreux market, Bô Noel and Flottins are complementary and very close to each other. It's a perfect opportunity to spend a weekend in the region, which has enormous potential, "enthuses Florian Schmied.

Earlier, Santa Claus will be dismantled and taken to Centrale Square, a new key venue in the Christmas market. It will be stored, reassembled and illuminated, before being unveiled at the opening ceremony on November 20th.

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