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The FCN disgraced Bielefeld – The votes for 1: 5

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"It hurts a lot," says Enrico Valentini, because even against Bielefeld the turnaround for the club was off.

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Club captain Hanno Behrens: "We were too naïve after the 0-1 draw that we got further in. After the 0-2, we might have had to defend more, so of course it does not help your self-esteem if you lose so much at home absolute shit day. "
Nuremberg's full-back Enrico Valentini: "It hurts a lot, I do not know how to explain it, everyone is personally asked how to get out of the situation, we do not need to talk big, Marek has done well, the mistakes were not his fault, they were individual mistakes I understand the frustration of the fans, because it deserves, my heart is bleeding when I hear we can all go, I understand the fans, we have to look now, that we are tough in training What's up in two weeks, everyone must already be aware. "

Debacle against Arminia: Rate the performance of club players!

One day after the 1: 3 defeat in Bochum, the 1st FC Nuremberg has dismissed its coach Damir Canadi. Interim coach and fan hope Marek Mintal should actually initiate the turnaround against Arminia Bielefeld. But instead there was a debacle. Here you can rate the achievements of the club players and the coach.

FCN interim coach Marek Mintal: "We've been training well in the last few days and we had a good feeling, now we're here for a 1-5 draw, we got a good face today, it hurts, the first few minutes have been good, but there's a game going on 90 minutes The team must work purposefully in the next few days and show a different face at the next match. "
Club Offensiveman Felix Lohkemper: Honestly, I'm speechless, that was not what we set out to do, we have a lot of work to do in the international break, and we have to put a punch on our own nose We conceded goals in quick succession, but as a team we have to pick up our heads and not allow them to do anything. "

Bielefeld dismantles the club: The defensive disaster in pictures

After the separation of coach Damir Canadi, the Nuremberg phantom Marek Mintal should provide a lift. That went really wrong. After a good start of the club team, the Bielefelders took advantage of three defensive failures and decided the game in the first quarter of an hour. After that, the FCN got into the game better, but the Bielefelder leadership was never in danger at any time.

Bielefeld coach Uwe Neuhaus: "If you win 5: 1 in Nuremberg, you are of course very satisfied, but at the beginning I saw a lot of problems with us, we were not so clear, confident and confident, and with the three goals in a very short time we have Nuremberg a bit We pointed it out at half-time, but that was not the final decision, but it was the quick goal after the goal, but as good as it gets, we still have room for improvement Now accept a new situation as championship leader. "


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