Vanessa Mai and Luna Schweiger on "Beat the Star": Fans appalled by pop singer


Vanessa Mai hits Luna Schweiger on ProSieben's "Beat the Star". But right at the beginning of the program there is a shock moment. There is also criticism of a game.

  • Vanessa Mai competed in the current issue of "Beat the Star" against Luna Schweiger.
  • The audience blaspheme in advance in the social media evil about the duel of the two women.
  • During the show, there was a real shock moment.

Update from November 10, 2019, 3:19 pm: About the prize money of 100,000 euros, Vanessa Mai should have been happy on Saturday evening properly. Whether the image of the pretty pop singer could have suffered under the appearance in the ProSieben broadcast, however, should then turn out in the following weeks.

Already during the live broadcast nasty comments gathered online, many fans of the show were surprised by the performance of the pretty pop singer. While Vanessa Mai was a clear favorite in the run-up to the match, Schweiger's daughter Luna swiftly gave her opponent a sweat.

As the 22-year-old was already clearly in the lead, made the legendary cult game "embarrass or cash" for a questionable TV moment. While Germany is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, it quickly became clear that Luna Schweiger and Vanessa Mai do not seem to be history fans. Right at the beginning of the game, Elton wanted to know: "Which city was the capital of the FRG at the time?"

"Beat the star": fans blaspheme nasty about Vanessa Mai

For the two girls a seemingly impossible task. While the daughter of Til Schweiger shrouds in silence for safety reasons, Vanessa Mai puzzles: "Cologne, no?" The second question in the quiz, however, does not only amuse many fans, many are appalled by the general knowledge of the singer.

"Which city was then the capital of the GDR?" Elton asks the two visibly exhausted girls the next question. Although Vanessa Mai is not really sure, the pretty pop singer buzzes. Their answer "Dresden" then provides a clear echo in the social networks.

"Bonn and Berlin can not get baked?", "Won by the motto: Blind chicken also finds a grain" and "General knowledge is a disaster" can be read there. Vanessa Mai was visibly relieved shortly after the show and unfazed by nasty comments. "I am overwhelmed by yesterday's evening!" Explains the pop singer on Facebook.

Update from November 10, 2019, 1:15 pm: Winner thanks with a photo on Instagram Vanessa Mai with their fans for support. "Maiteam is strong," she writes under the photo she shared with her fans in the studio of "beat the celebrity" shows. Also for competitor Luna Schweiger had the singer nice words left: "You were a strong opponent and have given everything and would have deserved the victory!".

Vanessa Mai and Luna Schweiger on "Beat the Star": Serious allegations – "How stupid was that …"

Update from November 10, 2019, 9:30 am: The first game at "beat the celebrity"Not only because of the shock moment around moderator Elton for a stir (see update below). Especially with the fans, the game has also encountered hindsight in hindsight. The charge: shift! But in turn. At the first game called "Reckdrehung" had Luna Schweiger and Vanessa Mai make complete twists on the horizontal bar. Whoever makes the most turns at the end, wins. Luna started, Vanessa had to put on darkened glasses, so she can not look Luna's technique.

"Beat the Star": criticism of game users with allegations

But then the catch: While Vanessa Mai started on the horizontal bar, Luna Schweiger was allowed to watch. And that caused trouble for the fans. "Why is Luna allowed Schweiger to see what Vanessa is doing?" Or "Luna was allowed to see the technique and not Vanessa," some of them say Tweets on Twitter. This would have Luna had an advantage, so the opinion of some users. There were also accusations to the TV station loudly: "Since ProSieben did not think". The situation was repeated. If Luna was on the barrow, was allowed Vanessa do not watch. On the other hand, when Vanessa did gymnastics, Luna was allowed to watch her. The criticism of the fans is tough: "How stupid was game 1 please?". But a user takes Luna in protection, because it was nice of her that she "betrayed her technique after the first round".

Incidentally, the first game won Luna, The shipment could decide for itself, however, Vanessa.

Vanessa Mai and Luna Schweiger on "Beat the Star": Moderator crash provides shock moment

Update from November 9, 2019, 8:59 pm: The duel between the two celebrity stars Luna Schweiger and Vanessa Mai did not really start on Saturday evening, when a real shock moment happened in the studio.

While Moderator Elton announces the sporty first game crashes the sympathetic presenter promptly from the mat. In slow motion is clearly seen: The 48-year-old brutally kinked with the ankle. But Elton, typical pro, does not show any pain. In the following first game Luna Schweiger can then prove promptly.

Luna Schweiger and Vanessa Mai at blow the star: fans blaspheme nasty

Certificate of origin of November 9, 2019, 6:56 pm: Since Stefan Raab has withdrawn from the television business, just need other ran. Because after the moderator used to compete in the popular, always several hours show marathon "Schlag den Raab" against his challengers, he now leaves the other more or less well-known candidates. That's how "Schlag den Raab" has long since becomeBeat the celebrity" and some of the prominent duelists have already been embarrassed at the Saturday night show to the bone or shone with unimaginable talents.

The latter aspire now too Vanessa Mai and Luna Schweiger because the two women face each other next in the Pro7 format. However, many users see themselves in the run-up to nasty comments in the social media.

"Hit the Star" with Vanessa Mai and Luna Schweiger: "Are they even allowed to participate?"

"Watch me" and "compulsory program on Saturday" fever the faithful fans of the show on their FacebookSide and are looking forward to a "great duel of two very cool women". But at the prominence of the two, many seem to have their doubts. For example, some initially thought, "that would be a consequence of Normalos".

While some both names seem to say nothing and people are already blaspheming whether "they can participate at all", others explain, at least Vanessa Mai would be known. "But who is the silence?", They wonder at the same time, but also to deliver the answer promptly: "Not even Z-celebrity". "This will be the lowest ratings, friends," predicts the pessimistic audience already a "flop" for Pro7.

Vanessa Mai and Luna Schweiger on "Beat the Star": Users blaspheme in advance

"I actually like the format, but this time it looks boring at first glance," the audience is already worried about, hoping that the two are more than "just pretty to look at". But that seems to doubt the majority strongly.

"They all yell around the whole time that one nail after another breaks off," joke the chauvinists on Facebook already and write, it would be only interesting, "if the two in Bikini Bikini Schlamm arrange."

"Chickens are on the grill", so the sarcastic remarks of other machos, who compare the "hit the star" issue with Vanessa Mai and Luna Schweiger at the same time as women's football: "It's nice to see football running until you realize that there only women play ". This is followed by others and find "with women is always so boring", although others are still looking forward to one or the other funny moment: "There's certainly something to laugh at, the women were so far a safe bank for strangers , Schmunzler, etc ", the biased users continue to blaspheme.

Pro7 viewers predict clear victory for Vanessa Mai against Luna Schweiger

Nonetheless, some viewers believe Luna may have a chance "against the May," but most see the latter as the clear favorite of the Pro7 game night: "Vanessa will rock that thing," the fans of the hit star are sure expect a "66: 0 whitewash victory" for the 27-year-old.

Obviously, Vanessa Mais followers are clearly convinced of their role model. But it's not just the fighting spirit attributed to her that convinces the 27-year-old, because she was also particularly enthusiastic about the hot bikini photos. The Schlager singer made it not so long ago, but not only with her body, but also with very clear words in the headlines.

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