Venezuelan strategy is imposed in Quisqueya


Jose Sheriff He arrives in the Dominican Republic and immediately marks a milestone that fills the Venezuelan ball with pride.

For the first time three Venezuelan strategists agree in the Quebec contest, since Alguacil joins Omar Lopez and Luis Dorante, who since the first day of the calendar are in driving with the representative teams of the Cibao region. Omar directs the Eagles and Luis to the Giants.

Sheriff up to merengue territory to take the reins of the Eastern Stars, champion in exercise of that ball. He replaces Fernando Tatis, the same pilot who last January ended a half-century drought with no titles for the stars.

In Venezuela it is recalled that in the late 70s and early 80s Felipe Rojas Alou and Oswaldo Virgil agreed as Quequeyanos pilots in our midst. But what happened today in the Dominican Republic is unparalleled.

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